Fandom Name for SuperM, Is It Really Necessary?

fandom name superM

ChogiwaSuperM has comeback with a full-packed debut album which will be released this September 25th, 2020. This comeback is one of the highly anticipated events for KPop fans because their EP last year with title track Jopping has made it through history by sitting in the top of Billboard 200.

Two MVs have been released earlier, first is 100 and second is Tiget Inside. Both of the MVs have unique concept with oriental theme and astonishing combination of amazing lyrics and lively music.

Besides their full-packed debut album there is one more thing that fans have been waiting for or not (well, it is depending on the perspective); it is the official fandom name for SuperM.

Speculation toward The Decision of Giving SuperM’s a Fandom

There are a lot of speculation toward the decision of having a specific name fandom for SuperM because every member of the group has their own original group such as Baekhyun and Kai from EXO, Taemin from SHINee, Taeyong and Mark from NCT 127 while Ten and Lucas from WayV.

Is it a really a good decision for SuperM to have their own fandom name?

superm comeback
Image Source : SM Entertaiment

Even since the first time SuperM was formed, there are a lot of protests from fandoms such as EXO-L for EXO, SHAwol for SHINee, NCTzen for NCT 127 and WayZenNi for WayV.

However, at that time, SM stated that SuperM is just like a side project but then the issue of SuperM will be given a fandom name started again. The right question is whether it is really necessary? Unless the fandom will be represented all aspects that EXO-L, SHAwol, NCTzen and WayZenNi have into one fandom which is hard to achieve.

Will it cause some confusion among fans?

In the beginning is absolutely yes. Even when the first time Kai introduced himself, he mistakenly introduced himself as EXO’s Kai when the fact, he was part of SuperM. So, what could be expect from the fans? There must be a confusion in the beginning but if it is intended for SuperM to have one fandom name, it is just fans decision to stay in their original fandom name (for those who stan only for one fandom) or also join a new one which is quite a normal thing for multifandoms fans.  

Is it possible to cause fanwar?

Since in 2019 when SuperM debuted in the US, fans have wondered the same thing. Though there are some fuzz and buzz but it was nothing, just some immature and too fanatic fans who feel betrayed will cause a fanwar or became anti-fans. The rest, though some of them disagree, they know the top priority is just to support their idols.

It is true that in KPop world, fandom has a big role in supporting the careers of their idols. The fandom phenomenon itself is an awesome thing to talk about because fans could be really all out when it comes to their idols.

However, it is also important to sometime think in ‘out of the box’ mode, and put yourself as the outsides to see this phenomenon. Is it just amazing when all those four fandoms were united supporting their idols even though they were not in their original group?

Well, it is just a thought. Even as a die-hard EXO-L, I realize that is impossible for me to see EXO back in one unit until at least 2024 due to some of them are currently in military and more of them will follow suit. Seeing Kai and Baekhyun been performing with SuperM is a pleasing feeling for me.

However, when it comes to fandom name, I don’t think it is necessary because when EXO finally comeback, Kai and Baekhyun will be busy with EXO again. So, how about SuperM? I believe it works the same with the rest of their members. What is the point of launching a new fandom when it is not last forever?