BTS From Billboard Charts to KBS Nine O’clock News

BTS KBS World Youtube
KBS World Youtube

Chogiwa – On September 9th, Billboard reported that BTS has ranked No. 1 on “Artist 100” after they were also reported as No. 1 on “HOT 100” America Billboard in respectably two weeks.

September is totally BTS’ month after their continuously success of Dynamite which was released in August 21st, 2020. Only in three weeks, BTS’ newest MV has reached more than 300 million view on Youtube.

From Billboard charts, yesterday on September 10th, BTS was invited to appear in KBS Nine O’clock News.

Being on Billboard chard is not new for BTS, they have been in this position before but nevertheless their newest single Dynamite put their career into totally different level. However, even though their career is skyrocketing right now, they are still a group of humble boys we’ve been known all this time.

During their tour inside KBS building, Jin was awestruck with all the warm welcome they have received from the staffs so he said “It’s my first time being in a place like this. I just watched it from drama.”, RM replied him with “I feel like a celebrity” and then again Jin added “I feel like a super star”.

In the interview, BTS talked a lot about their achievements with Dynamite and as expected, they also shared some dream they want to pursue, such as being nominated in Grammy Awards and being able to perform there.

BTS From Billboard
KBS World Youtube

When they were asked about the explosive success of Dynamite, Suga responded it with their main focus is actually not because they want Dynamite to success but they want Dynamite to give a little bit of strength for their fans. In other words, Dynamite could reach all the success is because fans like it not the vice versa.

They also shared about their experiences as team work and how could they come this far because being a group with seven thoughts and even more opinions are hard to manage. No matter how different their background, interests or perspectives are, they always respect and considerate of each other.

According to RM it is impossible for everyone to have the same thoughts but as long as they realize that they are literally in the same boat. He also added that respect and trust are keys to the good teamwork.

BTS also gave some head ups regarding their upcoming new album, they said that Dynamite is just a start, they have a lot of good singles that probably even better than Dynamite. Well, Dynamite has made another history for BTS, they hope all their singles will make it to Billboard.

Is it greedy? Of course not, because data said otherwise. BTS has make a lot of history much and way better than anyone else ever made in KPop music industry, even more KPop group in Western music industry.

If it is BTS, then it is totally possible. Besides, they always have ARMY to support them from behind.

So, go ARMY, no time to rest, work harder than ever because your boys need ya!