EXO’s Baekhyun the Genius Idol of K-Pop

Baekhyun the Genius Idol
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Chogiwa – There are thousands of young people who want to be part of glamorous K-Pop world. With the popularity of K-Pop worldwide, there are more foreigners who also want to be K-Pop idols.

There are some familiar names such as Super Junior’s Henry who is from Canada, F(X)’s Amber is from USA, Lisa Blackpink and Ten WayV are from Thailand, Lay EXO from China, three members of Twice, Momo, Sana and Mina are from Japan while Tzuyu Twice is from Taiwan.

Secret Number also has two foreigners, Dita from Indonesia, Lea from Japan. More foreigners in NCT, IZ*ONE and even almost half of newly debuted boygroup Treasure are from Japan. The list could be forever.

If the popularity of K-Pop industry is not only limited to South Korea; it means the competition should be extremely hard. There are thousands of idols today and the number is significantly increasing day by day.

So, how an idol could outshine the others and even titled as a genius idol? Some of you might think that it is impossible but the fact is there is an idol who has that title; a genius idol.

Who is the Genius Idol of K-Pop?

Who is he? Well, if don’t know, just Google it, the answer is totally Googleable.

Who is genius idol in K-Pop? look image and you will find who is he.

He is EXO’s Baekhyun.

exo baekhyun
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Byun Baek-hyun born May 6th, 1992. He debuted in 2012 as part of EXO-K, sub-unit EXO-CBX and since 2019 he is also the leader of South Korean’s Avenger of K-Pop group, SuperM.

Why Baekhyun is Considered as Genius Idol?

As mentioned above there are thousands of idols, some of them even have multi talents like dancing, singing, acting and so on. Why does Baekhyun outshine them all?

#1. Baekhyun’s Vocal Skill is Outstanding

Baekhyun is considered as one of the best vocalists in K-Pop while the fact is, he only trained for less than a year before he debuted while other idols took years.

Baekhyun has been chosen to sing South Korean national anthem in international event, not only once but twice.

Even though he has outstanding vocal skill, until today Baekhyun is still taking vocal lesson to improve his singing skill.

Because his singing skill is super amazing, he is even accused to be lip-sync because his singing is too perfect even during live performance.

#2. Baekhyun’s Dancing Skill is Well-appraised

Baekhyun admitted that before his training with SM, he couldn’t dance. However, he slayed all the dance since his debut, to be considered that he trained less than a year. He is not a great dancer but still his dancing skill is well-appraised.

#3. Baekhyun’s Personality is Something to Adore For

Baekhyun is well known as beagle-line trio from EXO aside from Chanyeol and Chen. Beagle in K-Pop means an idol who cannot sit still, very noisy and loves to play around. It is true that for an idol, maintaining their public image is important but it is not applicable for Baekhyun.

He seems like a kind of person you like to be friend with because he always loud, noisy and super funny even without trying. A lot of people who have been working with Baekhyun said that he is very friendly to everyone, always be the ice breaker among new people, he is totally a mood maker.

However, no matter how beagle he is, fans still love him for the way he is.

#4. Baekhyun Has Excellent Public Speaking

Because of the amazing personality that Baekhyun’s has, he is also well known to have excellent public speaking. He is really good when engaging with fans, he always knows how to make a show worth watching. It is something that not every idol could master but Baekhyun was born with that kind of skill. Not the mention, Baekhyun has the look of an idol that could charm anyone with his charisma.

#5. Baekhyun Excelled in All Kinds of Competition

In EXO there is Chanyeol who is well known to be really competitive. However, Baekhyun is well known to be excelled in all kinds of competition. It is like his nature to be excelled in anything.

In several EXO’s variety shows, when there is competition or game, Baekhyun will be in the top of the game. For other members, playing game is a real challenge but for Baekhyun, playing game is just like having some fun.

Though there are a lot of multi-talented idols out there, Baekhyun is still the number one idol who has been crowned title like ‘genius idol’ because he was born to be an idol and not only that, though people considered him having an easy path in the beginning of his career but the real challenge is even after 8 years of his debut, he is still well known as one of the best idols in K-Pop, the one who is idolized by a lot of idols, not only the rookie idols but also the senior ones.