Don’t Let Baekhyun Decide the Fandom Name of SuperM

Chogiwa – The release of the SuperM’s debut album Super One is getting closer. Everyone is really excited about this important event. However, there is one question that remain unanswered until today.

What is the fandom name of SuperM?
Well, so far there is no specific announcement or even a tiny hint from SuperM about the name of their fandom even their agency, SM Entertainment provided no clue regarding this matter.

Actually, there were several times when Baekhyun chose the name for SuperM’s fandom. Unfortunately, each of that time is responded in various way by the members, some of them directly rejected it, some of them look a little bit panic, there are even some of them who clearly pretended that they didn’t hear him, meanwhile Kai was just simply laughing at it because 8 years with Baekhyun in EXO, absurd moment like that was totally predictable and happened often.

First was during an Instagram Live via Taemin’s account, where they were sharing stories right before their debut on October 4th 2019. During that live they decided to choose a leader of SuperM. Initially, Baekhyun suggested Taemin as the leader but Taemin rejected and suggested Baekhyun to be their leader because according to Taemin, even him was really depending on Baekhyun. That idea was supported by Kai who has been knowing Baekhyun better than anyone else in that group. Kai said, even in EXO, Baekhyun has a lot of contribution in affecting the mood of the group because he was a natural mood maker.

All members somehow agreed to choose Baekhyun as the leader and after that, they continued with agenda to choose the name of the fandom, all of the sudden, without hesitation Baekhyun using his power as the leader of SuperM suggested one “SooMan”.

For those who don’t know, “SooMan” referred to Lee Soo Man, he is the founder of SM Entertainment and basically the most important person in the formation of SuperM. According to Baekhyun, why he chose that name because Lee Soo Man is the one fans should thank of because without him there will be no SuperM.

Second time when they were invited in The Ellen Show during their debut tour last year, they also have been asked about their fandom name, and once again there was one name that even sound more absurd than before “Assemble”. Baekhyun was the one so excited about this name, Kai was simply laughing and Teamin look so uncomfortable sat beside Baekhyun, and clearly from the inaudible sound in the studio fans also totally rejected it. That time, even Elle a little bit shocked with the choice of the name.

Fortunately, Ellen decided to just stop it because it was definitely not the time for making up a fandom name especially when Baekhyun is the only one who was willing to share a thought and super excited about it.

Recently, among fans there are also some online polling to choose the SuperM’s fandom name. One that is very interesting is Soomanies. Well, it is obvious that since Baekhyun shouted that fandom name, not only SuperM members, fans seemed cannot get it out of their head either.

On September 21st, via Twitter, SuperM announced their premiere performance of “One” in The Ellen Show tomorrow September 23rd, 2020. Though until today, there is no official statement yet from SM Entertainment regarding the name of SuperM fandom but fans are super excited waiting for the surprise.

Will the name be announced during that show? Because last year was totally fail attempt to make a fandom name, and will they do it rightly this time in the same show? No one knows.

However, one thing for sure, whatever that name will be, please don’t let Baekhyun decide it.