SuperM’s One (Monster & Infinity) MV to Mashup Your Day

Finally, the SuperM’s fans and Kpop stan worldwide could see the sun rises in September 25th to join the countdown for premiere release of SuperM’s One (Monster & Infinity) MV which is followed by the release of their first full-packed debut album Super One.

The pre-order for Super One has been available but this album which features 15 tracks only available in US. Super One has a deep meaning that SuperM members want to deliver to the world that they are “Super” and due to whatever hardship they should encounter, they will be able to overcome it as “One”. So Super One is technically the representation of how SuperM wants their fans to stay strong no matter how crazy world today is.

During live countdown for Tiger Inside in early September, SuperM also emphasized the same massage that Tiger Inside is a song that encourage us to roaring your inner wildness to overcome the hard work we face.

A couple of days ago, One (Monster and Infinity) has been released in the form of audio and SuperM also performed One live in The Ellen Show to tease their US fans and worldwide with their upcoming full-packed album.

What’s so special about One (Monster and Infinity)? Well, from the title you will find a “Monster & Infinity” it is because One is actually a mashup of those two songs, Monster and Infinity which are also part of the Super One album.

One is where you could see all SuperM members showing off their incredible talents, even Kai and Ten who both their main dancers also contributed their vocals in this song. One was started by Taemin who began the song with his strong vocal, Lucas and Taeyong broke the intro with their raps though Mark didn’t get much chance to show off his finest prowess but obviously we will see more him in other tracks. The same thing as Baekhyun, he did not really display his proficiency in hitting the high note but enough to tease their fans that both Monster and Infinity will give more Baekhyun and Mark.

Speaking of the choreography of One, thanks to The Ellen Show, we have a peek of how the MV will look like. Still bringing the same strong vibe as in previous two MV, 100 and Tiger Inside, we could see the similar vibe from One (Monster & Infinity).

The MV giving you all you have been expected from SuperM, with energetic choreography, eye-catching outfits, Kai in a barrette is the representation of sexy, even Baekhyun in simple black blazer looks super manly Taemin always with his charisma while Ten is really surprises me with his optimal coolness, Mark is super outstanding in his red hair and fans were pleased with both Taeyong and Lucas, they both nailed it in both rapping part and looks.

Well, Super One is a representation of complete package of SuperM’s newest album. Fans will be provided with all kinds of genre they love in one album.
Have you put your order? Well, though it is only available in US at least they will ship it worldwide.