Baekhyun Received Payback for Bullying Suho during MTopia

baekhyun bullying suho Mtopia

Chogiwa – I still can’t believe that SM let fans watching MTopia for free but it is not the point for now, I’m just super excited to write a short review in early Monday morning when I should go for work.

Anyway, for those who don’t know MTopia; it is the first and newest reality show of SuperM, quite similar with EXO Ladder. Even in the beginning of the show, Kai suggested something they should did like what they did in EXO Ladder season 2 when Suho had lost the game and should roll out in the airport right after he get out from van and shoot like a Rambo.

Baekhyun was the one very excited when Kai suggested this idea because with EXO, he always in the top of the game. He also said during MTopia show that “I’ll never lose” when Mark and Lucas predicted that Baekhyun will be the one who lost. Baekhyun suggested something more extreme than just rolling out in the airport and shooting like a Rambo, he suggested to jump on the water right after they arrive if there is a river and if it’s gravel field, they should jump their body to those gravels.

That’s why I use ‘Baekhyun received payback for bullying Suho during Mtopia’ as the title of this article because even in the first episode of Mtopia, Baekhyun is the one got all the drawbacks. He got pink bracelet from Lucas and Ten, though they said that because he is the leader and he should get the special one, I believe that Lucas and Ten must have hidden agenda by choosing pink as the colour of bracelet for Baekhyun.

Moreover, Baekhyun even lost playing rock paper scissor with Kai who well-known to be the unluckiest member during EXO Ladder show that made Baekhyun the one who lost the game this time. I believed Suho is laughing out laugh in military right now because only in MTopia, we could see Baekhyun being bullied by his members, something that is almost impossible to see when he was basically the bully in EXO.

MTopia is supposed to be a utopia for SuperM but Baekhyun will make sure that MTopia could turn into a dystopia for the rest of the members because he lost once and he declared that he would accept the challenge to dive but he would never dive alone.

baekhyun mtopia

He proved it when he got the first quiz from the show, as expected, he excelled all the consonant game during EXO ladder and this one is no exception, he guessed the answer right away.

He was also able to guess the answer for Taemin’s and Ten’s quizzes correctly. As it has been said in the previous article Baekhyun the Genius Idol, because he always knows how to make a show worth watching.

Anyway, we should wait for Baekhyun to dive in the second episode of MTopia, though it is not a river but only a pool but I’m sure fans have been looking forward to it.

Note: I really love Kai in this show because he is kind of a hyung now in SuperM, when he used to be an ‘almost’ maknae in EXO because no one can beat EXO’s maknae Sehun who always got what he wants from his hyungs.