The Curse Poster Who’s Next? Just Released by YG

Released by YG

Chogiwa – A brand new Who’s Next? poster has been released by YG Entertainment yesterday, September 28th 2020 and the speculations began.

What is Who’s Next? Poster?

The Curse Poster Who’s Next
twitter : YG Family

YG Entertainment regularly released Who’s Next? poster to notify fans about some upcoming events they are about to announce, whether it is a debut or a comeback. We already have a big comeback from Blackpink and the most expensive debut MV from Treasure and fans are starting the speculation what kind of event YG Entertainment will hold in October 16th?

#1 Rose Blackpink Solo

The first theory and speculation among fans about who is going to be the next artist with a big project released in October 16th is Rose Blackpink finally has her solo album. However, more fans also said that it is impossible because Rose is supposed to be busy with Blackpink comeback.

Moreover, no one will ever picture Rose’s solo album in alien concept though some fans said Rose’s vocal itself is something that coming from outside the earth.

Anyway, most fans agree that it is not going to be Rose.

#2 AKMU Comeback

YG Entertainment has released some news earlier this year that AKMU will have a comeback in this year though due to this pandemic, the comeback has been postponed. AKMU last comeback is in September 2019 and fans have been waiting a year to enjoy their music.

October will be like a war field for those who want to release their music because it is going to be the busiest month of the year and only those who have quality will survive and AKMU is among those groups that predicted to be the survivor.

However, once again, alien concept is not something you could relate with AKMU and fans decided to be a bit patient with their comeback.

#3 BIG BANG Comeback

Among those two predictions, BIG BANG with alien concept is the most reasonable one. BIG BANG last comeback was in 2017 and this year looks like the best time for BIG BANG to greet their fans.

Though there are a lot of fans are a bit disappointed with Seungri scandal in 2019 but still BIG BANG comeback which is now without Seungri is still something that fans are looking forward to.

The band which is now consisting of T.O.P, Taeyang, G-Dragon and Daesung has been in hiatus in quite long time and because of Who’s Next? poster, BIG BANG became trending in twitter in the last two days.

For those who don’t know Who’s Next? poster has been released regularly by YG Entertainment and some agencies consider this poster like a curse because it means October will be a war field for those who want to release their project, whether it is a comeback, solo project or debut. Only those who have strong talents and quality could survive and BIG BANG is definitely one of the strong groups that still have that kind of power.

So, keep yourself update with the latest news of Who’s Next? because if it is not BIG BANG, I personally have no idea especially when it comes with an alien concept.