List of Idols Kpop Discharged from Military in 2020

Kpop Idols Discharged from Military in 2020

Chogiwa – One of the Korean cultures that Kpop fans around the world should accept is the fact that when the time comes, their idols should leave them for a while to serve in the South Korean military. It is a mandatory because according to South Korean law, men under 30 should serve the military in certain time. The time duration is varying but mostly between 18 – 21 months.

There are some names of idols that have been reported may serve the military this year and upcoming 2021 such as Jin from BTS, Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Chen from EXO, Monsta X’s Shownu, Pentagon’s Jinho, L from Infinite, Lee Jaejin and Choi Minhwan from FT Island. Though there are still no official confirmation yet regarding when they will start serving the military but fans have been preparing themselves.

Anyway, there must be some sad fans who should let their idols serving the military but there are also some happy fans who will cheer to welcome back their idols this year.

#1 Shawol


Shawol is the fandom name for SHINee. The three of their members have been serving in military and left Taemin alone. However, Onew has been discharged from military last July 2020 and will be followed by Key in October 7th and Minho in November 15th.

Before this year ended, the three members of SHINee will become idols discharged from military in 2020, so we will have complete member of SHINee together again to celebrate the new year and a SHINee comeback is probably becoming a dream come true for Shawol. Though so far there is no official statement yet but having them together enjoying public life as entertainers again are enough to make fans super happy.

#2 EXO-L


Though Suho just started his enlistment to military last May but EXO-L are excited with two idols discharged from military in 2020 and in 2021, Xiumin will be discharged this December and D.O in January. There is no official date yet for when Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Chen will serve the military but EXO-L could expect before they go to military, in early 2021, they will get EXO together again, though of course minus mama Suho.

Due to that even there are some rumours regarding EXO comeback because they have enough member for a comeback and Lay is now able to work in Korean too after China decided to release their embargo toward South Korea.

However, most EXO-L don’t want to have a high expectation, they will be patient enough to wait until 2024 when EXO-L is predicted to comeback full stage with OT9.

But still, they are super happy to welcome back both Xiumin and D.O especially after their excellent performance for Return: The Promise of the Day.

#3 Light


The next fandom that will be super happy to welcome back their idols is Light; fandom for Highlight. Highlight used to be Beast with their fandom name Beauty but in 2017 due to some circumstances the group decided to rebranding their band and since then they have been working as Highlight.

After Hyunseung left the group in 2016 and followed by Junhyung in 2018, Hightlight now is consisting of four members Doojoon, Yoseob, Gikwang and Dongwoon.

Doojoon and Yoseob were idols discharged from military in 2020. Doojoon just discharged from military last April and Yoseob last August. Light are still looking forward to Gikwang’s discharge next November 18th and Dongwoon’s discharge in December 8th.

Highlight will have complete member before 2020 ended and fans are super excited to welcome them back. Will Light get Highlight comeback? Well, it is super possible.

#4 Inspirits


Inspirits is the next fandom of Infinite that will be happy to welcome back their oppas from military. Though L may serve the military next year but at least they have Sungkyu. Sungkyu was one of the idols discharged from military in 2020, he was back in last January and then followed by Sungyeol in October 27th and Dongwoo in November 15th.

Though fans should wait for Woohyun to come back in August 2021 but they could welcome Sungjoon back in May 2021.

Because some members are still in military and L will serve soon, fans may need to wait a little bit longer for Infinite comeback.

#5 Melody


Melody is the fandom name of BTOB. BTOB is debuted in 2012 and until today they are still a solid group consist of 7 members. Melody is the next fandom that will be happy to have their four members will be active again as entertainers when Eunkwang has been discharged in April 2020, followed by Changsub last August and Minhyuk this September.

Though Hyunsik, Ilhoon and Sungjae just started their enlistment last May but fans are still super happy to wait for the upcoming project or BTOB comeback with four members Eunkwang, Changsub, Minhyun and Peniel.

It is never easy for a fandom to let their idols serving the military but at least there is always rainbow after the rain and the time for their idols greeting them again as entertainers will come again sooner or later.