Blackpink Lovesick Girls Is A Sexily Sick Song

Blackpink Lovesick Girls

Chogiwa – Blackpink’s new MV Lovesick Girls just released like five hours ago and have been watched for over 23 million. Well, it’s not a surprise because this song is just a sexily sick song, in a positive way of course.

I’ve watched the teaser and I could hear the sound of guitar in the background. Well, I never expected Blackpink’s song to be like this because when I heard about the title Lovesick Girl, I kind of expected something like their Ddu Du Ddu Du but nope, it is something even better and of course much better than their Ice Cream.

The first scene when the four of them are sitting in the car staring over the sun set looks promising and I know I’m going to like this one. And I’m right.

The intro with “Lovesick girls, lovesick girls” sounds so cheerful but then the scene turned into Jennie’s which look a bit depressed then I know this song is about broken heart.

I am not a Blackpink stan but I always look forward to their music because the combination of Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rose are perfect as a girl group. They have everything from talents, vocals, visuals and more.

blackpink lovesick sexy

One of the reasons why I’m not so into Blackpink is because I’m not a fan of song with a lot of rapping and one of the Blackpink’s strong point is the rapping part. However, I probably could change my mind through this song because I like the Lisa’s rap but I love the Jennie’s one.

The best part I like the most from Blackpink Lovesick Girls is the part that caught my ear at the first place, the guitar sound during Rose’s part. Her pink hair kind of reminds me Avril Lavigne’s style which kind of bringing back all the memories in the past. Well, anyone has the same feeling like mine? Because this song is about broken heart but as Lovesick Girls they keep looking for love. I just love its hidden message. 

When it comes to the visuals, well surely nothing you could complain from them. I have mentioned Rose’s pink hair which is gorgeous, Jennie’s hair really represents the Lovesick Girls, Lisa’s is always the sexy Lisa with her bob style black hair and bank. Jisoo always stands out even she is in her simple long dark hair because for me Jisoo is the best when she stays simple.

Lovesick Girls is the title track of Blackpink’s newest album entitled The Album. This song is the third singles after How You Like That which was released on June 2020 and then followed by Ice Cream featuring Selena Gomez which was released last August.

For those who don’t know, Jennie and Jisoo have contributed in the writing the song. Not only that some famous names such as rapper Cardi B, music producers David Guetta and Ryan Tedder also contributed in producing Lovesick Girls.

Well, I could say that I was disappointed with Ice Cream though they have Selena Gomez there but with or without Selena Gomez, we know that Blackpink will stand out and Lovesick Girls lyric, music and visuals have proven it.

Blackpink Lovesick Girls is definitely a song that will make into anyone’s playlist in a long long time.