It’s Shawols Day to Welcome Key and SHINee Comeback

It’s Shawols Day to Welcome Key and SHINee Comeback

Chogiwa – The official website of SHINee has been redesigned as an online countdown to their return. Per today, we could see the countdown of Key’s return is no more because today, October 7th, he will be discharged from military. While fans should wait about 39 days for Minho to comeback in November 15th.

In one of the interviews, Taemin has hint that SHINee will definitely comeback after all the members return from military though he wasn’t really sure when. However, he also added that SHINee comeback is possible at the end of 2020 or in the early 2021.

SHINee is a boy group formed by SM Entertainment as part of 2nd Kpop generation. The name of SHINee is the combination of word Shine which means light and suffix ee, so the meaning of SHINee is ‘one who receives the light’.They debuted in 22 May 2008 with their very first EP Replay.

Originally SHINee consisted of five members. Unfortunately, one of the group vocalists Jonghyun died in 2017. However, due to that left the remain members, Onew, Key, Minho and Taemin became stronger than ever.

During their career, SHINee has released 7 albums and the last was in 2018, when they released The Story of Light as part of 10 years celebration. This album was also the last album featuring Jonghyun.

The release of Story of Light was divided into three parts of EPs which each of EP consists of five songs and one repackage version entitled The Story of Light: Epilogue. So, total Story of Light has 16 songs with four lead tracks for each part.

After the release of The Story of Light, three of the members stared their service in military. First was Onew started his service on December 10, 2018, followed by Key in March 4th, 2019 and then Minho in April 15th, 2019.

While the three members served in the military, left the maknae alone, Taemin, to pursue his solo career. In February 2019, Taemin released his second Korean EP, Want and then in August 2019, Taemin also released his third Japanese EP, Famous. In the same month, in August 7th 2019, Taemin also has been announced to joined a K-pop supergroup created by SM Entertainment, SuperM, with some fellow labelmate such as Baekhyun and Kai from EXO, Ten and Taeyong from NCT and Lucas and Mark from WayV.

Since then Taemin has been busy promoting with SuperM and spreading his wings to American market and western music industry. Not only that, despite his busy schedule with SuperM Taemin is still working on his solo album when he released the first part of the album Never Gonna Dance Again in September 2020 with lead single Criminal.

Not only Taemin, Onew who has been discharged last July 2020 also been busy showing off his talents by joining a military musical Return: The Promise of the Day along with fellow labelmate EXO’s Xiumin.

Shawols must be super excited when two more members are on their way of coming back to greet them as SHINee. Though SHINee comeback is not going to happen at the end of this year but at least they have all the members together again as SHINee to celebrate the new year eve.