Who Is WEi? Facts about OUI Talented Boys

Who Is WEi

Chogiwa – Being talented is not enough if you want to survive in KPop industry and six boys from WEi have proven it to be right.

OUI Entertainment just debuted six talented boys in October 5th, WEi. OUI is a small entertainment agency and WEi is their first boy group they have debuted. So, it is obvious that though they are a brand new boy group but somehow their debut is unheard.

Lucky me, I was on Vlive today and met these boys, watched their new MV Twilight and I love it.

So, who is WEi?

#1 WEi Consists of Six Boys

The lineup of WEi consists of six boys. Daehyeon is the main rapper and the leader because he is the oldest among them all. Donghan the main dancer and lead vocalist, Yongha and Yohan are both vocalists, Seokhwa is a main vocalist and the maknae Junseo who is also a vocalist.

#2 WEi Debuted from OUI Entertainment

OUI Entertainment is a relatively new entertainment agency in South Korea founded in 2017 by Wee Myung-hee. WEi is OUI first boy group launched by this entertainment agency and the expectation is high. Though this agency is small and new but they must have good vision by debuting all the talented boys of WEi.

#3 WEi Boys Aren’t Rookies

If you think that all new debuted boy groups are rookies then you are wrong because WEi boys aren’t rookies. Daehyeon once debuted with Rainz and Donghan debuted with JBJ, though unfortunately both groups have been disbanded in 2018 and due to that Daehyeon and Donghan continued their debut as solo artists.

Yongha and Junseo have debuted in one group, 1the9, which is also well known as Wonder Nine. Unfortunately, due to some circumstances the group was also disbanded in August 2020 after they released their fourth and final mini-album entitled Good Bye 1the9.

Yohan was part of Produce X 101. Yohan made it to the first place and debuted with X1 in August 2019 but only perform for some months until the group was also disbanded in January 2020 due to manipulation issue in Mnet vote.

While Seokhwa was part of YG’s Treasure box but unfortunately, he didn’t make it to the final lineup.

#4 WEi MV Twilight

Twilight might not get a lot of attention but data said otherwise, WEi Twilight is in the top five of most viewed debut MV in the first 24 hours with 4,6M viewed, the rank is just after TXT, Treasure, SuperM and X1.

#5 WEi Will Become the Next Group to Stan

There are a lot of new debuted boy group lately but don’t ever underestimate a new boy group from even a small and new entertainment agency. WEi has quality of professional in a new brand boy group because, as mentioned above, WEi boys aren’t rookies but they are like super group where you can find the combination of Rainz, JBJ, X1 and 1The9.

WEi as a new group might need to work harder and ever. They may not have a big fandom now but their names were known pretty well in Kpop industry. They might need a good song or projects to keep outstanding but their talents will speak for themselves.