EXO Lay Zhang CEO of Changsa Chromosome Entertainment Group Company

EXO Lay Zhang CEO of Changsa Chromosome Entertainment Group Company

Chogiwa – October 7th, 2020 was Lay Zhang’s birthday. He is supposed to be the one who received all the gifts and presents but he did otherwise, instead he gifted fans worldwide with the announcement of his new entertainment company.

Lay Zhang the CEO

Lay Zhang is well known as Chinese entertainer and a member of a prominent Korean boy group, EXO. Now, he is also well known as the CEO of Changsa Chromosome Entertainment Group Company. He owned the majority, 80%, of shareholder in the company that put this company under his charge.

Lay Zhang new company has been registered on the month of August. So, it has been a while for fans knowing about Lay Zhang’s new company.

However, it was only yesterday, everything was confirmed because Lay Zhang himself made an official announcement by uploading a video in Weibo introducing his new company Chromosome Entertainment Group.

After the announcement of Lay Zhang new company, Lee Soo Man himself, the CEO of SM Entertainment congratulated Lay Zhang for his new company through a short video, he stated his heart-warming message for Lay by encouraging his future endeavour.

“He values the relationship between people. And I’ve heard he is about to establish an entertainment company, and I want to congratulate him. I believe he has all the potential of becoming a producer and founder of the company as he has showed much talent before. I’m certain that he will be able to create a company that will be numbered in China and also worldwide”

Lee Soo Man sincerely congratulated Lay Zhang for his achievement and the announcement of Lay Zhang new company like a proud father

Does Lay Zhang Leave EXO?

The answer for that question is obviously not because though right now Lay Zhang has his own company but he is still with EXO and SM Entertainment.

One of the main reasons why Lay cannot perform with EXO is due to the ban of hallyu contents as the effect of Beijing-imposed ban in 2016 which was trigged by a South Korean’s decision in deploying a U.S missile shield though China has put a strong protest toward it. Fortunately, after the coronavirus outbreak in China, the ban was fully removed. Which means, EXO-Ls may have a hope that Lay could continue perform with EXO again.

Chromosome Entertainment Trainee and Recruitment Program

In the video of the announcement of Lay Zhang new company, he introduced the trainee and recruitment program for his entertainment company.

The main qualification of the trainee is boys and girls ages 13 – 18 years old. The trainee and recruitment program only contained three steps:

  • Online preliminary selection
  • Offline audition
  • Formal training system

Trainees that could pass all those three steps will be assigned to different four groups: vocal, rap, dance and all-around. The details of the requirements could be found in the official social medias of the company.

Moreover, Lay Zhang also explained about the lowest standard he’s looking for the trainee in his company which is himself. In other words, the main requirement trainees should have if they want to join the company is a quality to defeat a Lay Zhang.

Are you up to the challenge?