EXO Chen Got the Coolest Comeback Ever

EXO Chen Comeback

Chogiwa – EXO Chen just announced his comeback for the first time in October 8th when all EXO social media platforms posted a poster teaser of Chen’s new digital single Hello.

It seems like that is not enough, last night, October 11th, new photos of Chen just posted again in all EXO social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that showed how strong he has grown up after all the things happened to him.

Not only that, even the profile pictures of all those social media platforms were changed into Chen’s latest photo which is super cool and give a goosebump to anyone who sees it.

In other words, EXO Chen got the coolest comeback ever. Why?

October Is A Comeback Month

Can you mention group, duo or soloist who has a comeback in October? First is Blackpink, they just comeback in the early October with a full new album entitled The Album, BTS also released their title track Savage Love, NU’EST with their full album Drive, Pentagon, NCT, SEVENTEEN and don’t forget about the cursed poster released by JP Entertainment for the announcement of AKMU’s comeback with their title track Alien.

A soloist must have a super power to survive in this month. Well, since Chen is from EXO, he indeed has a super power but with or without super power, Chen will be able to make it through, no matter what just because he is a Chen.

Chen’s Unique Concept

One of the best things about Chen’s comeback is he always presenting a unique concept which is connecting to one another. Flashback with his first album poster for April, and the Flower and then continue with his second extended play Dear My Dear and now Hello.

EXO Chen Comeback Ever

Those posters are somehow connected despite the facts that those are completely different projects and make EXO Chen got the coolest comeback ever since it is going to be his very first official appearance after his marriage in early 2020.

Chen’s New Digital Single Hello

It is said that this time Chen will bring a unique song with Brit Pop style that really represent a heart-warming fall song. This song is especially written to wish everybody a wellbeing and when it is combined with Chen’s vocal, the song just will became more enchanting.

For Chen new digital single Hello, once again Chen will work together with talented and famous composer Him Je Hwi, to whom Chen also once worked with him for his first album April, and the Flower.

Chen’s new digital single Hello will be officially released in various digital flatforms to be downloaded and streamed in October 15th. Fans have been anticipating Chen’s comeback with the most enthusiastic because 2020 is probably the quietest year of Chen. He just appeared in public when he attend Baekhyun’s Candy promotion stage and when he appeared in a short video to congratulate BoA’s 20th debut anniversary.

The pictures of Chen posted in several social media platforms have made him, once again, a trending topic worldwide, can you imagine when he will make the appearance of himself?

Well, don’t imagine it because he will make it by himself anyway, so just wait and keep yourself update.