Krystal Jung Has Signed New Contract with H& Entertainment

Krystal Jung Has Contract with H& Entertainment

Chogiwa – Actress Jung Soo Jung or well-known as Krystal Jung has signed a new contract with a new agency H& Entertainment. It is confirmed by the agency yesterday, October 12th.

Krystal Jung used to be well known as the member of f(x); a girl group formed by SM Entertainment debuted in 2009. However, since 2010 Krystal Jung has showed her interest in acting field and now, she is much well-known as an actress.

Krystal Jung Idol Career

Way before Krystal Jung signed contract with H& Entertainment, she was one of the SM’s talents, debuted in 2009 as part of a girl group idol f(x) consists of five members, herself, Victoria, Amber, Luna and the late Sulli but then in 2015, Sulli decided to leave the group. They released their debut studio album in 2011 with one of their two extended plays Electric Shock became the number one on South Korean’s Gaon Digital Chart.

Though western music industry now knows Blackpink as a international K-Pop sensation of girl group but way before Blackpink made to western music industry, f(x) is among the first few recognized K-pop groups which well-known internationally. 

Krystal Jung Acting Career

Since 2010, Krystal Jung decided to step into the acting field which became the best decision she made back then. Jung Soo Jung is not only well known as actress in South Korea but also abroad. A beautiful actress born in San Francisco, California US 25 years ago has been acting in several international projects that made her one of the K-Pop icons that brought the popularity of K-Pop worldwide because nationally, she is not Korean but American.

Krystal Jung started her acting career from several small roles but though smalls, some are super memorable. One example is her acting as Lee Bo Na from a hit drama The Heirs. There are a lot of fans have been surprised by her adorable and excellent acting in that drama. Her last drama is in 2018 when she played the lead female role in Player and her newest drama with military theme which will be aired soon entitled Search in OCN this October 17, whereas she will portray an army officer, a lieutenant named Son Ye Rim. Fans are highly anticipated this new drama because Jung Soo Jung will act as the head of special team in searching the villain.

Krystal Jung Has Signed New Contract
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Not only drama, Krystal Jung also acted in several movies, one that is recognized worldwide is Unexpected Love, a Chinese movie whereas Krystal Jung should act along with EXO Lay Zhang. This November her newest movie will be released entitled More than Family. Fans are starting to wonder about how Krystal Jung will portray the character since the movie teaser poster released which showed a shocking transformation of Krystal Jung as Toh Il, a pregnant woman.

Krystal Jung Contract with SM Entertainment Ended

Krystal Jung’s contract with SM ended in August 2020. Instead of continue with SM, she decided to leave and signed a new contract with new agency. Krystal Jung signed new contract with H& Entertainment. This agency is a big agency though of course not as big as the big three. This agency is also managing some well-known actors such as Jeong Ryeo Won, In Gyo Jin, So Yi Hyun, Jung in Sun, Son Dam Bi and many more. The addition of Krystal Jung in the agency will provide diversity in the line of multi-talented artist in H& Entertainment.

One of the strongest characters that make Krystal Jung loved by fans is her unique and bright personality. That is also one aspect that make her could stay longer in this industry. Due to the new contract sign of Krystal Jung with H& Entertainment, fans are wishing her all the best to flourish her future career.