EXO D.O Confirmed to Role in “The Moon”

exo d.o the moon
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Chogiwa – It is just announced today that EXO D.O confirmed to role in The Moon; a new scient fiction movie directed by Kim Yong-hwa.

Aside from that fact that still serving the military, EXO D.O who is also well known as actor Do Kyungsoo has been confirmed to have a new upcoming movie project in the early 2021, right after his discharge in January 2021.

There are some rumours about the reasons behind EXO D.O serving the military earlier and among that because EXO D.O has a movie project he wants to take in 2021. Well, with the announcement today, somehow all the rumours were clicked.

Kim Yong-hwa is also the director of several hit movies and some of them are Along with the God & Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days in 2018, whereas EXO D.O also took roles as Private Won Dong-yeon in both movies as supporting role. It was earlier said and confirmed by Kim Yong-hwa himself that EXO D.O will once again take role in the third instalment of the movie franchise.

Along with the God Part 3 will be produced in 2021. Especially after a dramatic ending of AWTG Part 2 whereas the movie was ended with Dong Yeon (Do Kyungsoo) finally appeared in the afterlife, that made fans speculating that EXO D.O will take the lead role in the third movie.

EXO D.O who is well known also as actor Do Kyungsoo was debuted as idol in 2012 with one of the prominent South Korean boy group EXO formed by SM Entertainment with position as main vocalist. He started his acting career as a cameo in drama To the Beautiful You in 2012 but not until 2014 when he seriously started to take steps in acting field.

First by took supporting roles in drama It’s Okay, It’s Love and movie The Cart which made him won some awards such as Best New Actor in APAN Star Award and Best Young Actor in Seoul International Youth Film Festival from the drama It’s Okay, It’s Love. Thus, have put Do Kyungsoo as one of the promising actors in South Korean film industry.

EXO D.O Confirmed The Moon
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Since then, slowly but surely Do Kyungsoo put a firm step as actor and at the same time set a high standard for idols who want to be an actor.

After the two awards he won from the beginning of his acting career, he won more awards for almost every single movie and drama he took part such as Pure Love, My Annoying Brother, Along with the Gods, 100 Day My Prince and even from his last project Swing Kids, he has won Best Male Acting Idol in 2019 Brand of the Year Award and Popular Star Award in 28th Bull Film Awards.

2021 is going to be another promising year for Do Kyongsoo because in that year fans probably are not only able to enjoy Kyongsoo’s acting in one movie but two, Along with the God Part 3 and The Moon.

EXO D.O confirmed to role in The Moon along with a senior actor Seol Gyeong Gu. As quoted from Naver, the plot of movie The Moon, Kyungsoo will take role as an isolated person on the moon and as a lonely person who works in astronomical obervator, Seol Gyeong Gu somehow has connection with Kyungsoo.

The Moon is going to be Do Kyungsoo very first project after his discharge in January 2021 and his serving for 18 months in the military. It also has been confirmed that the shooting schedule of The Moon will be started in the first half of 2021.