EXO Chen Hello MV Finally Released

EXO Chen Hello MV Released

Chogiwa – Before the EXO Chen Hello MV released, a teaser had been released two days ago and since then Chen has becoming one of the hot topics because Hello is his very first digital single in 2020 after his marriage in January 2020.

Though Chen also has released Your Moonlight last month as part of the Original Soundtrack of drama Do You Like Brahms? but fans are still super excited when it was announced that Chen would have a new digital single in the month of October.

EXO Chen Hello MV is digitally released in several digital music platform to be downloaded and streamed at the same time on 15 October 2020, 6 PM South Korean time.

Hello is also composed by a famous composer Him Je Hwi who also once worked with Chen in his first album April, and the Flower. So, as expected this song is going to be huge as well.

When the teaser appeared whereas Chen just simply said “Annyeong” which means “Hello”; it was enough to attract all the attention and made fans more curious about this digital single. Well, the lyric is beautifully written, heart-breaking but really touching at the same time.

Though in the lyrics mentioned that he cannot express his feeling and cannot find words that represents his heart, his Hello is really represents everyone heart who has something to say to the ones they love but the words just stopped after the word “Hello”.

Just minutes after the EXO Chen Hello MV released, he once again became the trending in Twitter with hastags such as #HelloDearChen #ChenHelloSingle #HelloChen and #Jongdae. And one hour after the MV released in YouTube it has been reached 500 million views.

Chen or whose real name is Kim Jongdae debuted for the first time as part of EXO K in 2012. Being trained less than a year, he and Baekhyun became the last members joined the EXO line up. Both of them became the main vocalist along with D.O.

Compared to the other EXO members who also interested to step on acting field such as D.O, Chanyeol, Kai, Sehun, Suho, Lay, Xiumin and Baekhyun, Chen is probably the only one who is not really interested into acting but instead he prefers to focus on his music. And now since he already has a precious little family with a beautiful baby daughter, we could see from Chen Hello MV, he is becoming more mature as an idol especially after all the hates he received just because he chose to be happy by marrying his girlfriend.

Though EXO is in hiatus but each of the member still has power to conquer the music world. EXO Chen Hello is just one example after Suho’s Let’s Love, Baekhyun’s Candy and EXO SC’s 1 Billion Views. There are more of OST from Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Chen that have been released in 2020, collaborations which have become hits. Don’t forget about D.O and Xiumin being in the part of one of the phenomenal military musicals Return: The Promise of the Day.