EXO Chen’s Enlistment and The True Meaning Behind Chen “Hello” Lyric, Is It for EXO-L?

EXO Chen’s Enlistment and The True Meaning Behind Chen “Hello” Lyric, Is It for EXO-L?

Chogiwa – EXO Chen Hello just released yesterday and today Chen announced his enlistment to serve South Korean military this October 26th.

This event is so similar last year like when D.O released That’s Okay at the same time he announced his enlistment to serve the military. That’s Okay has become the representation of D.O’s feeling toward his fans, a song that will accompany EXO-L during his hiatus time while serving the military.

This time is no different with EXO Chen’s enlistment to the military, it seems like he released Hello yesterday, so fans will have something to listen during his time in military.

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Is the true meaning behind Chen Hello lyric dedicated to EXO-L?

The song started with a simple “Annyeong” which means “Hello” in English. This is the only word appeared in the teaser of the MV two days prior of the official release. Though it’s only one word, fans are crying over it because they predicted this song will be really touching; and they predicted it correctly.

After the ordinary yet extraordinary “Annyeong”, then the lyric continued with phrases which is similar to this if translated to English:

“It was hard to just say the word”

“While my mind has been contemplating for long”

“Just to decide what to say next”

The lovable bridge stated he was scared by not be able to tell what he really wants to tell, and if he said them, the words may hurt instead.

“So many words piling up in my mind”

“Empty spaces that I cannot fill”

“I’m afraid words that not come from my heart will leak through the gap”

“I’m scared”

And then the chorus just hit it in the right place:

“My love, during the long hesitation”

“I couldn’t find the right words to represent my feelings”

“With all my heart in those ordinary Hello”

“I just really want to know if you’re doing well”

So, has the true meaning of Chen Hello lyric been dedicated to EXO-L? The answer is probably yes.

Just remember when he decided to tell fans about his marriage by writing a letter, he said sorry by telling the good news in that kind of way.

And today, a handwriting letter also has been posted by Chen announcing his enlistment to military.


In this Chen Hello lyric there is something that may represents his feeling which you could find it in the post chorus part of the song:

“Not knowing what I should say next”

“I put down the pen that I’ve been holding tightly”

“Words that I couldn’t write”

“Will stay in my heart as regrets”

“My love, the letter that I couldn’t finish writing”

“I don’t know whether it will reach you or not”

“Even if it’s not, I hope I receive good news from you”

“I really hope that you’re really doing well”

And here comes the touching and heart-breaking outro of the song when the Chen Hello lyric stated “Hello, the only word I wrote, then I stop”

The duality meaning of “Annyeong” in the last line of the Chen Hello lyric kinds of giving the goosebumps because it could be “Annyeong” for “Hello” or “Annyeong” to say “Goodbye”.

Hello is Chen’s first digital single in 2020. Fans have been waiting for a year after his last project Dear My Dear in 2019 and they are not disappointed, instead they have been proud of him, though after that fans should receive the fact about EXO Chen’s enlistment to the military this October 26th.

However, nevertheless, this song is just perfect, especially when the true meaning of Chen Hello lyric is combined with his angelic vocals, this song is truly Chen’s which he clearly dedicated to EXO-L who will always support him no matter what.