EXO Kai Misses The Fans

EXO Kai Misses The Fans
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Chogiwa – EXO is currently in hiatus, though each member has their own schedule but still the biggest part is still missing, which is the direct connection with fans. EXO Kai misses the fans so badly, a statement he admitted during interview after he delivered a series of magnificent editorials for 1st Look Korea for October issue.

Recently, Kai also disclosed as the muse of Bobbi Brown Korea. Bobbi Brown is an international cosmetic brand which admitted Kai to be the first male Korean to be her muse. It is not the first time for Kai noticed by international brands, in 2019 Kai also became the first Korean male to be Gucci’s ambassador. Since then, Kai has been busy travelling attending all Gucci events around the world as their representative.

Kai debuted in 2012 with one of the prominent South Korea boy group EXO as the main dancer and rapper. EXO last album project is Obsession in 2019, when they performed without Lay who due to Hallyu ban in China, couldn’t perform with EXO at that time, while Xiumin and D.O have started their service to South Korea military. After Obsession, EXO was officially entering hiatus period, especially after their leader Suho also started his military service in May 2020.

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However, Kai along with fellow member Baekhyun have been part of SuperM, a new boy group formed by SM to conquer the western music industry and his solo project has been announced to be close though until today still there is no official statement regarding that project.

Quoted from JTBC, EXO Kai misses the fans, he misses the interaction he has with fans during concerts “I really enjoy performing on stage, and fans are reason that make it so special. When I hear their cheer and see their expression during our performance, I also feel all the joys and excitements. Thus, bring me greater energy so I could become more focus with my emotions. Honestly, I’ve been thinking about standing on the stages again, holding concerts in front of fans. I desperately hope that sooner we would be able to hold a live performance on stage again”

However, though EXO Kai misses the fans, nothing he could do but he admitted that he’s trying to live his life by enjoying every single day. Something that he has been dreaming of doing because he’s been busy performing since his debut, and he decided to embrace this time by doing everything he has been wanting to do. He even thinks about starting a healthy and happy life in the future.

Though right now Kai is busy performing with SuperM and promoting their first full-packed album Super One, he is still sharing his activities with fans via his personal social medias such as Instagram and Lysn. Among other EXO members, Kai is one of the members who are often active in social medias, so at least fans could keep connecting with him.

It is obvious, that it is not only fans who are missing EXO, EXO also misses EXO-L.