Who Is Aespa? Let’s Get to Know Them!

Who Is Aespa? Let’s Get to Know Them!

Chogiwa – SM Entertainment is the big three which every debut always becomes a hot topic. Today, October 26th, SM Entertainment just announced a new girl group will be debuted in November 2020. Along with the announcement, they also thrown a promotion campaign in the form of logo photo and video in several official media social platform of Aespa.

Who Is Aespa?

It is probably the first question that everyone is asking after the announcement because aside from the logo photo, there is no yet further announcement about who is Aespa or the lineups who will fulfil the position or how many of them. Unless you count the hidden teaser of Aespa logo which appeared in the last SuperM’s One MV.

Aespa Logo Appeared in SuperM’s One MV

However, before we meet them is important to get to know the meaning of Aespa.

Aespa stands for the combination of word a and e in the form of “æ” which represents “Avatar X Experience” and “spa” represents the word “aspect”. Avatar here has literal meaning “another ego of yourself”. When those phrases combined will form a new meaning “Calling out another ego of yourself to experience a new aspect”

SM Entertainment and Their Concept Experiment

It is not a new news when it comes to the concept experiment of SM Entertainment. They have been experimenting a lot such as F(X) which well-known from their distinctive concept, EXO with their super power concept, Red Velvet with their simple but sultry R&B concept and of course don’t forget the birth of NCT unique concept.

The history of experimental concept is as long as the history of SM itself and there is no exception when it comes to Aespa. Who is Aespa anyway? Well, after six years SM debuted Red Velvet in 2014, SM Entertainment finally introduced a new girl group which predicted will deliver more interesting and dynamic concept.

Aespa’s Introductory Contents

The content they have shared in several media social platforms have drawn a lot of attentions from KPop fans around the world.

The strategy of SM Entertainment in introducing this girl group is quite mysterious because the logo is really catchy with silver-based colour with dark background and the back sound similar to the intro of superhero movie.

Anyway, though there are a lot of speculations among fans about who is Aespa and even more questions about who will and who will not fill up the position in Aespa, so far there is no official announcement yet from SM Entertainment. However, one thing for sure, after six year they debuted a girl group, this one group is supposed to be really special especially November 2020 is going to be a tough competition for new group to debut because especially girl group at least there is also one girl group formed by HighUp Entertainment called STAYC and more girl group comebacks such as Mamamoo, Secret Number, Girlkind, Gfriend and Twice.

However, of course we expect nothing but the best only when it comes to a girl group formed by SM Entertainment. When it comes to the question who is Aespa anyway? Well, there is nothing we could do but waiting for the official announcement from SM Entertainment. So, keep yourself update with us.