EXO’s Enlistment Tradition Continues

EXO's Enlistment Tradition

Chogiwa – Today, 26 October 2020 is the enlistment day of EXO’s Chen. EXO-Ls around the world have been waiting for the EXO’s enlistment tradition.

EXO has a unique tradition on the enlistment day of the member. The tradition they started when the oldest member of EXO, Xiumin started his mandatory military service last year, 7 May 2019.

During the day when one of the member officially started their mandatory military service, the remaining members will take a group photo in which all the members will hold the bald head of the enlisted member.

#1 Xiumin – 7 May 2019

xiumin enlisment

The EXO’s enlistment tradition started on the day EXO member sent off their oldest member Xiumin to start his service in military.

Xiumin whose real name is Kim Minseok started his mandatory military service in 7 May 2020.

Before his enlistment, Xiumin held a solo fan meeting on 4 May 2019 in Seoul just three days before his enlistment. During the fan meeting, EXO members came to suprise him and then they called Lay. They came to give him support and encourage him.

Xiumin is expected to finish his military service this December 2020.

#2 D.O 1 July 2019

exo do enlistment

A couple of months after Xiumin’s enlistment, it was time for D.O to surprise fans by becoming the second EXO’s member enlisted to service the military. D.O whose real namr is Do Kyungsoo announced that he started his mandatory military service on 1 July 2019.

Just like Xiumin, EXO’s enlistment tradition continued on the day they release D.O to serve the military. With a special addition, EXO Lay Zhang personally flew to South Korea just to sent D.O off.

D.O’s discharge date is expected to be on January 2021.

#3 Suho 14 May 2020

exo suho enlistment

After D.O, the next EXO’s member who serve the military is Suho when he started his mandatory military service on 14 May 2020.

Suho just released his debut album Self-Portrait, with title track “Let’s Love”.
He also posted a picture of EXO’s lightstick in his official account with caption “EXO We Are One Saranghaja”.

When the remaining EXO’s members sent him off, they continue the EXO’s enlistment tradition by taking a group photo in where all the members held Suho’s bald head.

#4 Chen 26 October 2020

exo chen enlistment

Chen or Kim Jongdae is the fourth EXO’s member who is officially serving the South Korea’s military.

In 15 October 2020 Chen just relased his digital single “Hello” which later understood by fans is the goodbye single because the next day, 16 October 2020, Chen announched his enlistment to serve the military.

Today, 26 October 2020, fans have been waiting for the EXO’s enlistment tradition in where the remaining EXO’s member will hold the bald head of Chen.

And the waiting is finally paid off, fans are so excited with the release of Chen’s picture with the remaining members are holding Chen’s bald head with caption.

“A gift we prepare for EXO-L along with Kai who could not attend”

but with an addition surprise from Suho who somehow was able to manage to come.
In other words, started today, Chen is officially a soldier.

Until today, four EXO members are officially serving the South Korea military. Some others will follow suit. It is reported that Chanyeol and Baekhyun will be on the next list because they have reached the age to start serving and then will be followd by Kai and Sehun.

Due to that, EXO will be on hiatus until at least 2024 or 2025. However, EXO-Ls always optimist that EXO’s comeback in 2025 will be huge.