The High Possibility of Wanna One to Perform in MAMA 2020

Wanna One MAMA 2020

Chogiwa – MAMA 2020 or Mnet Asian Music Awards 2020 is reported to be held on the first week of December 2020. Though it is going to be held in the form of online event only due to Covid-19 pandemic, still KPop fans from around the world are so excited.

Among the fandoms of Kpop group, there is one that is probably the most excited to see their idols is WANNABLE because there is a big chance for some of the members of Wanna One to perform as a group in MAMA 2020.

Wanna One Disband in Early 2019

Wanna One was a South Korean boy band formed through a second season of Produce 101; a survival show to find the top something idols which later will be able to debut as a group. Wanna One debuted in August 2017 with initial unit consists of eleven members under CJ E&M and Swing Entertainment. However, due to some circumstances the group finally disbanded in January 2019 after a commercial success.

Wanna One 2020 Reunion

Though Wanna One has been disbanded almost two years ago but some members are still often seen sharing stage. One of the memorable reunion Wanna One just had was in this October 2020, some members Sung Woon, Dae Whi, Woo Jin, Jae Hwan and Ji Hoon have their own reunion by peforming 12th Star and Always at KCON:TACT 2020.

That reunion is raising the interest and the possibility of Wanna One members to appear on the stage together.

The Possibility of Wanna One to perform in MAMA 2020

wanna one perform in mama 2020

There are some official reports regarding a proposal issued by CJ E&M for Wanna One to perform again on the stage in MAMA 2020. Though perhaps not as a whole group but there are some reports that confirm Kim Jae Hwan, Ha Sung Woon, Park Ji Hoon, Lee Dae Hwi and Park Woo Jin to be on the same stage again.

Wanna One Always Be Wanna One

Though the band has been disbanded in January 2019; it seems the friendship among the members are never fade. It could be seen from several events, ceremonies and in some broadcasting activities where the members of Wanna One are still sharing the same seats and tables.

Even after the disband of Wanna One, the group is still appearing in a public well known as a unit and it also has been reported that the number of music officials who are interested to bring back together Wanna One to perform together or at least share the stage as a unit is also increasing. One that is highly anticipated is the possibility of Wanna One to perform in Mama 2020.

It is of course a really good news for WANNABLE, so they could enjoy their idols as unit again. It is probably true that nothing is impossible for Wanna One because the main reason why they choose WANNABLE as their fandom name is because they believe that they could make anything they want to come true. So, are you ready to welcome back Wanna One as a unit? Definitely yes.