Let’s Get A Better Look: The Profiles of AESPA Members

The Profiles of AESPA Members
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Chogiwa – SM Entertainment just announced a new girl group, AESPA, after six years Red Velvet debuted in 2014. It has been confirmed that AESPA will officially debut in November 17th with title song Black Mamba.

The meaning of AESPA is similar to “Calling out another ego (avatar) of yourself to experience a new aspect of life”. As usual, SM will do it all out when it comes to the concept of a new girl and this time AESPA is introduced in a really unique avatar concept. However, before we find out more about their concept, lets find out about the profiles of AESPA members first

#1 Karina

karina profile aespa member
Source: twitter @aespa_official

If you are following the trainee updates of SM, Karina is among those trainees whose names are already big even before her debut with AESPA members. Her real name is Yoo Ji Min and her position in AESPA is as vocalist, rapper and dancer.

Even before her official debut, she has shown her talent off while collaborating with EXO’s Kai in a virtual showcase Hyundai Tucson last October. In that virtual show, she performed beautifully while dancing with Kai. She also has made an appearance in SHInee’s Taemin music video Want.

Surely, her performance with AESPA is one of the most thing that is worth waiting. Compared to the other profiles of AESPA member, Karina is the oldest and the most experience one among them all, so she is probably expected to be the leader of AESPA.

#2 Giselle

giselle profil aespa member
Source: twitter @aespa_official

The second profile of AESPA members is Giselle. She is a Japanese whose real name is Aeri Uchinaga. It is reported that she has been joining a choir for 4 years because she has alto voice, in AESPA her position is as a rapper.
Can you imagine a sweet looking of Giselle is actually the main rapper of AESPA? Well, fans are waiting for her amazing performance with AESPA in their debut title track Black Mamba which will be released this November 17th.

#3 Winter

winter profil aespa member
Source: twitter @aespa_official

Visual is one of the strongest points of SM idols and Winter is among idols with outstanding visuals and most fans even think that she has the same super star aura like SNSD’s Taeyeon. Winter whose real name is Kim Min Jeong is not only well known for his visual but also her talents and in AESPA, her position is as dancer and vocalist. Just like Karina, she has been training with SM for four years, so of course we could only expect all the best thing from her.

#4 Ningning

ningning profil aespa member
Source: twitter @aespa_official

The fourth in the profiles of AESPA members is Ningning; a Chinese member whose speciality is singing. We have seen Karina performed and we know she is an amazing dancer. Ningning is a member which is reported to have an amazing vocal skill.

When it comes to idols from SM Entertainment, asides from the visuals, their strongest point is vocal skill and Ningning whose real name is Ning Yizhuo will become one of the idols who will amaze fans with her vocal skill.

From the profiles of AESPA members above we could see that this time SM is trying a different approach by combining members from different nationalities. Two members are from South Korea, one is from Japan and one is from China. It means, the possibility of AESPA to not only performing in South Korea but in Asia or even worldwide is high because each member will represent a different country and culture to charm even wider scope of music fans from around the world.