Secret Number’s Comeback with “Got that Boom”

Secret Number’s Comeback with “Got that Boom”

Chogiwa – Secret Number’s comeback strong with single Got that Boom. Though there are a lot of big and famous groups also have their comeback in November but as a rookie girl group without backing from a big agency, Secret Number has attracted a lot of attention.

Who Is Secret Number?

Secret Number is a South Korean new girl group that debuted in May 2020 formed by Vine Entertainment. They debuted with single Who Dis? with five members and the four of them are practically foreigners. Their diversity in unity is actually the strong point of Secret Number that makes them one of the promising girl group among the long list of new girl group debuted in 2020.

Secret Number’s Comeback

Just a couple of days ago on November 4th, Secret Number got their first comeback with a single Got the Boom. As one of the rookie girl groups without big agency backing, Secret Number’s comeback with Got the Boom is surprisingly able to take all the advantages from the skills belong to each member. In this song, you could hear how each member contributes with their unique vocals. The song is started with Dita’s unique vocal and followed by Lea and Soodam whose vocals are softer but giving wonderful color to the cheerful vibe of the song. Denise with her strong and straightforward vocals and of course Jinny with her rapping.

Source: 1theK

The unique thing about Got the Boom is aside from the cheerful and colourful arrangement is also the catchy chant “tic tac toe” which sounds so good blending with the rest of the meaningful lyric.

Secret Number a Promising Rookie Girl Group

Though there are a lot of new rookie girl groups debuted in 2020 but Secret Number is among the favourite. Their path is not going to be easy but they made their own marks and their comeback with Got that Boom is a genius. Secret Number is able to follow the trend of music that most girl groups have brought before them in 2020 but they did it with their own style that had made them stand out.

There is no easy way for a new girl group to make a name in a busy South Korean music industry but Secret Number has strived for what they have right now. One of the things that makes Secret Number unique is the diversity of the members. For you who are wondering about Secret Number’s comeback, you may get to know each member of Secret Number off the stage. They have their own channel in YouTube, SECRET NUMBER, where they shared their activities and some fun videos they made just for fun.

Personally, I love the character of each member of Secret Number because unlike most Korean idols generally who really strict with their image and concept, Secret Number seems really enjoying their freedom of life as an idol. It is because each member is coming from different countries except for Soodam. Dita is from Indonesia, Jinny is from California, Lea is from Japan and Denise is from Texas. Secret Number may give you a lot of surprises in the future, so keep yourself update with us to find out more about their secrets.