EXO Kai’s Solo Mini Album Debut Confirmed to be released on November 30th

EXO Kai's Solo Mini album debut

Chogiwa – Wednesday, November 11th, SM Entertainment has confirmed that EXO Kai’s Solo Mini Album debut will be released on November 30th. Some teaser posters have been posted in multiple EXO’s social media platforms.

EXO Kai’s Solo Mini Album Debut is the Most Anticipated EXO Project in 2020

The rumour about EXO Kai’s solo mini album debut has been spreading continuously since the first half of 2020 and fans have been waiting for this announcement. Kai is one of the talented members of EXO who is also a talented dancer which make him one of the well-known and respectable dancers in South Korea or Kpop’s industry.

This mini album is going to be the milestone of Kai to start his solo career in music industry because though he is well known as the main dancer of EXO, he also well known to be a great performer because of his visual and dancing skill, Kai also said to have a unique vocal colour that make him one of the multi-talented idols.

Source: Twitter @weareoneEXO

Unique Concept of EXO Kai’s Solo Mini Album Debut

Have you noticed that the title of EXO Kai’s solo mini album debut is using the Mandarin character “开“ which means ‘open’? Even the name of Kai in the teaser poster is styled uniquely in where the letter ‘A’ is replaced with the mentioned character and becomes “K开I”.

EXO’s official twitter account also posted the announcement that mentioned EXO Kai’s solo mini album debut is to open a new world of music, performance and style because Kai is well known as amazing performer who also has a good sense of style, visual and music talent.

A lot of people agree that the concept of Kai’s solo mini album is really unique and at the same time is mysterious which is inline with the EXO’s concept itself.

EXO Kai Is A World-Class Performer

EXO Kai’s solo mini album debut entitled “开“ which will be released on this November 30th will consist of six tracks from various genre which reported to be really unique and able to please all music fans.

Kai whose real name is Kim Jongin debuted with EXO in 2012 and since then step by step he is building his career until today he has been well known to be one of the amazing and talented dancers in KPop industry, not only music industry Kai also acted in several dramas and well-praised for his acting, since 2019 he became the brand ambassador of international fashion brand Gucci and became the muse of Bobby Brown for her cosmetic brand. This year, Kai is presenting another gift for his fans by releasing his solo mini album debut to open a new path to his solo career and become a world-class performer.

EXO Kai’s solo mini album debut entitled “开“ is already available to be pre-ordered since yesterday November 11th through several music platforms and stores both online or offline. Fans are super excited toward EXO Kai’s solo career project. Kai is going to be the fifth member of EXO who has a chance to have a solo album after Baekhyun, Chen, Suho and Lay.