CNBlue Comeback with “Re-Code” and Three Members Only

CNBlue comeback with recode

Chogiwa – It has been confirmed that CNBlue will release their 8th album entitled “Re-Code” this November 17th, 2020. This album is also the mark of CNBlue comeback after 3 years and 8 months of hiatus. This album is also a gift for BOICE, CNBlue’s fandom who has been patiently waiting all this long for the CNBlue comeback during the ups and downs, controversies that CNBlue has suffered during their hiatus.

CNBlue’s Contract Renewal

On October 21st has been confirmed by FNS Entertainment that the three members of CNBlue, Jung Yong Hwa, Kang Min Hyuk, and Lee Jung Shin have their contract renewal with the agency. During the announcement, FNS Entertainment also mentioned their comeback and the new album they have been working on as CNBlue which will be released before the end of 2020.

This CNBlue comeback will be their first comeback after more than three years. Their hiatus is mainly because all of the members should serve the mandatory service in the military. Jung Yong Hwa started his mandatory military service on March 5th, 2018, followed by Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jung Shin who started their mandatory military service on the same date, July 31st, 2018. Yong Hwa discharged from the military last year November 3rd while Min Hyuk and Jung Shin finished their service on March 19, 2020. Since then they are busy preparing their comeback which is getting closer.

CNBlue’s Comeback with Three Members

Re-Code is going to be CNBlue’s 8th album. This album will become the first album that will be released only with three members after Lee Jong Hyun left CNBlue on 28 August 2019 due to his involvement in Burning Sun Scandal.

CNBlue has a specific meaning, whereas CN stands for Code Name and BLUE is the combination in which each letter has its own meaning. B for burning, L for lovely, U for untouchable, and E for emotional. Each word represents each member’s image. Re-Code has a hidden meaning that this time they may need to recode their image since they have lost one member, Jung Hyun who represents the word B for burning.

Aside from that, fans are super excited about the fact that even after all the ups and down that CNBlue has suffered last year, they will come back strong with a mini-album entitled Re-Code and its lead single Then, Now and Forever which will be released this November 17th.

Then, Now and Forever Teaser Videos

To mark the CNBlue comeback, a couple of days ago, the official Youtube channel of CNBlue shared four short teasers showing Yong Hwa with his electric guitar, Min Hyuk with his drum, and Jung Shin with his bass playing some notes from their upcoming track Then, Now and Forever ended by Jong Hwa singing the lyric to tease the fans.

And just some minutes ago, the new teaser from the MV, just posted on several music platforms showing the three members of CNBlue with a little part of the track as the back sound and once again ended by Jong Hwa singing the lyric.

Re-Code is going to be the big sign of CNBlue comeback and after this, fans have been anticipating more projects from CNBlue, not only as musicians but also as actors because all of the CNBlue members are also great actors and have been acting in several hit movies and dramas.