EXO’s D.O. Will Role in A Romantic Movie “Secret”


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Chogiwa – EXO’s D.O. may just get his life back last January after he finished his service in the military. However, the movie and drama projects have been lining up for him. EXO’s D.O. will role in a romantic movie “Secret” right after his first movie project “The Moon”.

In the movie “The Moon” he will take the role of a Korean-American astronaut. While in “Secret”, EXO’s D.O. will act as a piano genius.

EXO’s D.O. Will Role in A Romantic Movie “Secret”
Source: Naver x Dispatch

EXO’s D.O. Will Role in A Romantic Movie “Secret”

D.O. who is also well known as actor Do Kyungsoo is one of the talented actors who have received praises for his marvelous acting in several movies and dramas. His last drama was in 2018 when he took the role of the cold-hearted prince in “100 Days My Prince” with Nam Ji Hyun. “Swing Kids” was his last movie before he voluntarily started his mandatory service in the military in 2019.   “Secret” is going to be his second movie project after his discharge from the military.

“Secret” Is the Remake of Taiwanese Movie

In one interview, EXO’s D.O. has mentioned that he would love to act in a romantic movie or drama. This year, his wish is just granted since “Secret” is a popular romantic movie. It’s no doubt that once again, D.O. will be able to capture the heart of the viewers with his acting.

“Secret” itself is a musical romantic movie that depicts the story of a new student (Do Kyungsoo) who happened to be a piano genius meets a female student in an old music room playing a mysterious music on the first day of his school.

This movie is a remake of Taiwanese movie with the same title. Originally, the Taiwanese version was released in 2007 with Jay Chou as the main lead actor. In the original version, Lun (Jay Chou) in the end finds out that the female student he has been so fond of is actually coming from the past.  

Movie “Secret” Is One of the Highly Anticipated Movie in 2021

Do Kyungsoo is one of the actors whose movies and dramas are becoming the most anticipated ones. “Secret” is no exception. After an announcement that EXO’s D.O. will role in a romantic movie “Secret” the movie became a hot topic. The Korean version of “Secret” will be directed by Seo Yoo Min who once succeed with several movies such as “April Snow”, “Happiness” and “You Call It Passion”.

While it has been confirmed that EXO’s D.O. will role in a romantic movie “Secret” since the first time the movie was announced. However, until today there is no such word yet about who will become the lead female actress. Just keep yourself update with us to find out who will be the one to act alongside actor Do Kyungsoo.