EXO Chanyeol’s “THE BOX” Released on March 24th

Chogiwa – Chanyeol has been missing in action quite sometimes. It turned out to be he was just really busy with his tight schedule before his military enlistment this March 29th. Since last year Chanyeol has been busy wrapping the movie “The Box” where he’s not only starring as the lead role but also as the music producer. Quoted from Naver, EXO Chanyeol’s “THE BOX” confirmed to release on March 24th.   

EXO Chanyeol’s “THE BOX” Released on March 24th
Image Source: Soompi.com

EXO Chanyeol’s “THE BOX” Confirmed to Release in March 24th

March is going to be a busy month for EXO-L. EXO Sehun’s Movie “Catman” release date is confirmed to be on March 14th. Then EXO Chanyeol’s “THE BOX” confirmed to release on March 24th.

The Box is a movie that depicts the life of Ji Hoon (Chanyeol). His character is described as an aspiring musician who is living inside the box. Chanyeol will act along with senior actor Jo Dal Hwan as producer Min Soo. Min Soo’s character is initially introduced as a person who only cares about being successful. However, during the movie, he then is revealed to be the one who supports Ji Hoon the most.

As musical movie, The Box is not only presenting the high-quality music but also the beautiful South Korea landscape in the background. Not only as the lead role, EXO Chanyeol is also contributing as music producer. The first trailer showed Chanyeol sings Billie Ellish’s Bad Guy. However, quoted from Naver, there will be more global music will appear in the movie. Not only Billie Ellish’s song but also Coldplay and Pharrell’s will be covered as well.

EXO Chanyeol’s Busy Schedule Before Military Enlistment

SM Entertainment has confirmed that Chanyeol will start his mandatory military service on March 29th. The Box was initially planned to release on March 31st. However, then the release date changed to March 24th prior to Chanyeol’s enlistment date. While the OST will be fully released on March 31st, two days after his enlistment. The press premiere of The Box will be held in COEX Megabox, Seoul on March 18th where Chanyeol has been confirmed to attend.

Naver Spilled the Bean about EXO’s 10th Album Anniversary

One more exciting news came from EXO. When Naver reported that EXO Chanyeol’s “THE BOX” confirmed to release on March 24th despite his busy schedule participating in EXO’s 10th year album anniversary. Though until today there is no confirmation yet regarding the so mentioned album from SM Entertainment, EXO-L has been ecstatic with the news. Especially when Naver also reported that EXO D.O. will also participate in the MV. It seems like EXO will comeback with OT 6 or 7 just if Lay also joins.

There are more movies and dramas starring EXO Members this year. D.O. has two movies projects “Secret” and “The Moon”, and one upcoming solo album, Chanyeol’s “The Box” the movie and OST, Sehun’s “Catman” and “The Pirates 2”. Xiumin’s OST for Mr. Queen and also Baekhyun’s third solo album will be released this March 31st. Not to mention, Lay’s bunch of projects. It seems like EXO is no longer on hiatus.

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