Lee Kwang Soo to Leave “Running Man”

Lee Kwang Soo to Leave “Running Man”

Chogiwa – A surprise came from actor and comedian Lee Kwang Soo. His agency, on his behalf, has stated that Lee Kwang Soo to leave “Running Man” for good. The main reason for the departure is due to Lee Kwang Soo’s current health condition.

Lee Kwang Soo to Leave “Running Man”

Lee Kwang Soo to Leave “Running Man” due to Health Condition

On April 27, Lee Kwang Soo’s agency, King Kong by Starship on his behalf has made a statement regarding his departure from “Running Man”. In the statement is confirmed that Lee Kwang Soo will be leaving “Running Man”. It is an SBS’s variety show in where Kwang Soo has been the cast member for 11 years.

It is surprising news for fans because, for the last decade, Lee Kwang Soo has become one of the icons of this variety show. People are wondering what this reality show will become without Kwang Soo.

However, according to the agency, this condition is unavoidable. Lee Kwang Soo is currently not on the state to record with “Running Man” due to his health condition. Last year, in February 2020, Lee Kwang Soo experienced a car accident. That accident caused a fracture in his right ankle.

Because of the accident, Lee Kwang Soo should leave “Running Man” temporarily last year for rehabilitation. However, it seems like recording with this variety show is still too hard for him. Due to that, he decided to step down from “Running Man” for good.

Lee Kwang Soo’s last recording with “Running Man” will be on May 24. After that, Lee Kwang Soo will focus to take care of his body and mind.

Lee Kwang Soo’s Next Projects in Movie “Happy New Year”

However, Lee Kwang Soo to leave “Running Man” is not going to be the last thing about this actor. Though of course, he will be dearly missed as part of “Running Man”. Recently, good news comes from him. He will join the cast of a star-studded movie entitled “Happy New Year”. In this movie, he will act along with Han Ji Min, Lee Dong Wook, Kang Ha Neul, SNSD’s Yoona. Won Ji Ah, Seo Kang Joon, Kim Young Kwang also will join the cast.

The synopsis of “Happy New Year” is giving a holiday vibe that matches the setting and characters. The movie will take place in Hotel Emrose in where all characters will interact. Each of the characters who are working in the hotel or coming to hotel has their own story to tell.

Amazing Cast of “Happy New Year”

Lee Kwang Soo to Leave “Running Man”
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Han Ji Min is going to play the role of a hotel manager. She is really good at doing her job but always hesitant when it comes to her feeling.

Lee Dong Wook is the hotel’s CEO who is well-known to be really competent but only obsessed with numbers.

Kang Ha Neul is going to be a job seeker in the hotel. He has failed the civil servant examination five times and even dumped by his girlfriend.

Yoona will take role of a confident hotelier of Hotel Emrose.

Lee Kwang Soo to Leave “Running Man”
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Won Jin Ah is going to be a musical actress but somehow decides to be the chambermaid in the hotel.

Seo Kang Joon is a DJ and talented singer-songwriter who just reaches to stardom recently.

While, Lee Kwang Soo will become Kang Joon’s manager.

Kim Young Kwang will act as a radio show producing director in the movie. And Go Sung Hee as jazz pianist who meet in the hotel and somehow they just throw a wedding party for their marriage.

Lee Jin Wook is going to play an eccentric plastic surgeon who is regularly coming to the hotel every Saturday night to wait for someone.

Lee Hye Young gets a role of Hotel Emrose’s main doorman.

Jung Jin Young returns to Korea to attend his daughter’s wedding just to meet again with his first love.

Lee Kyu Hyung as fortune teller who visits Hotel Emrose’s frequently.

Jo Joon Young and Won Ji An also join the cast as high schoolers.

It is going to be another star-studded movie with famous actors and actresses on the same screen. The movie is scheduled to release this April in both theatres and watching applications like TVing.