Kim Seon Ho Is Back with “Sad Tropics”

Kim Seon Ho Is Back with “Sad Tropics”
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Chogiwa – Korean culture is hard to predict. With the so-called cancel culture, there are a lot of Korean celebrities who should bury their dreams to re-enter the entertainment industry because of a scandal. However, Kim Seon Ho is back with “Sad Tropics” even after the recent controversies with her ex-girlfriend. It proves that good definitely beats evil.

Kim Seon Ho Is Back with “Sad Tropics”

“Sad Tropics” is predicted to be a hit. Below are some interesting facts about “Sad Tropics” that make this movie is worth waiting for.

#1 A Movie About a Boxer Who Chases His Dream

Korea is like a land of dreams. In the process of finding his father, a young man flies to Korea to become a boxer but is instead involved in a situation he never dreamed of before. Kim Seon Ho will take the role of lead male who was born from a Filipino mother and Korean father.

#2 “Sad Tropics” Is Director Park Hoon Jung’s Next Project

For those who don’t know who Park Hoon Jung is, he is one of the cold-handed directors who has successfully created amazing movies. One of his well-known works is V.I.P whereas he won the award as Best Director in Fantastic Feast 2017. Then, The Witch: Part 1 The Subversion which won the Best Film Orient Express in 2019 39th Fantasporto Film Festival in Portugal that also raised the name of Kim Da Mi.

#3 It’s Going to Be Kim Seon Ho’s Debut in Movie

Kim Seon Ho is a Korean actor who has been well-known for his precise acting. He started his acting career in theater and slowly but surely he stepped firmly into the entertainment industry by starring in some hit dramas such as 100 Days My Prince when he acted along EXO D.O., Welcome to Wakiki 2 with Mun Ka Young, a sad boy in Start-Up with Bae Suzy and recently is Hometown Cha Cha Cha with Shin Min Ah. Due to the controversies, there are some rumors that he will leave the entertainment industry for good but then it has been confirmed Kim Seon Ho is back with “Sad Tropics” which will become his debut in the movie.

#4 Go Ara Will Join the Cast

Kim Seon Ho Is Back with “Sad Tropics”

Though it hasn’t been confirmed, yet the vibe has shown that Go Ara will join the cast. She has been reviewing the offer since October and one source stated that “Everything is up to Park Hoon Jung”. Another source also stated that Go Ara has met Park Hoon Jung directly because she really believes in him. If Go ara joins the cast, “Sad Tropics” will become her first movie in five years after Phantom Detective in 2016.

#5 “Sad Tropics” Will Start the Shooting in December 2021

Due to the recent controversies of Kim Seon Ho, the shooting is postponed. It was said that the change of cast is also possible. However, then it has been confirmed as well that Kim Seon Ho is still the one who land the role. The original plan was the shooting started after Kim Seon Ho finished his schedule in Hometown Cha Cha Cha. However, after being postponed, the shooting will start in December 2021.

Kim Seon Ho is indeed a talented actor who started his career from scratch. He deserved to be acknowledged for his hard work not due to controversies that were even proven to be wrong. So, who is happy that Kim Seon Ho is back with “Sad Tropics”? Write your opinion in the comment!