The Swordsman, Joe Taslim’s Debut in Korean Movie


Chogiwa – The new Korean action movie The Swordsman will finally be released this September 23rd after more than three years delay. This movie, which directed by Choi Jae-hoon, was fully wrapped up in September 2017 but due to some internal payment issues, the movie has been delayed up to this long.

There are some unique facts toward this movie you should know before decided to safe your seat:

  • The movie was originally released in September 17th 2020 but due to Covid-19 pandemic the release date is once again postponed, but not as long as three years, only a couple of days which is on September 23rd.
  • Joe Taslim should be able speaking in both Korean and Manchurian. He is an Indonesian actor who started his international acting career by taking part as supporting role in Fast & Furious 6. So, learning the languages in short time is probably impossible but as a professional actor, it is just another challenge he should accomplish.
  • The Swordsman is the debut movie of Lee Min-hyuk who is well known as idol from idol group BTOB. He will play role as Gyeom Sa-bok, the king’s bodyguard. The king role itself will be played by senior actor Jang Hyun-sung.
  • The movie came from the same house production of The Man from Nowhere and Snowpiercer, Open Pictures.

Choi Jae-hoon said that this movie will become an original action-historical movie with some amazing martial arts scenes. This movie is expected to be super impressive with the line of actors and original plot story.

Genre and Plot of The Swordsman


The genre of the movie is action-historical. The setting was taken during the transition and chaotic period from Dynasty Ming to Qing.

The main plot of the movie is about three best swordsman who have their own missions and will take everything into account to accomplish them. 

First is Tae-yeul (Jang Hyuk), who happened to be the Joseon’s best swordsman who hold an important secret from the past. After losing one of his eyes, he was forced to once again raise his sword. His mission is to find his daughter, Tae-ok (Kim Hyun-soo), who was captured by the Qing royalty.

Second is Min Seung-ho (Jeong Man-Sik), who happened to be the greatest military official and after the downfall of Gwanghaegun he decided to turn his back from the world, sheath his sword and chose an ordinary simple life.

Third is Gurutai (Joe Taslim), a cold-hearted commander who happened to be best swordsman in Qing Dynasty. His mission is becoming the best swordsman in the world. In other words, if he wanted to accomplish his mission, he should make sure that he could take down the best swordsman in Joseon, which is Tae-yeul.

Those are how those three best swordsmen in the country crossing path with their own missions. Who will be able to accomplish the mission?

Will Tae-yeul able to save his daughter? Should Min Seong-ho raise his sword again so Gurutai could accomplish his mission?

Find out the answer this September 23rd.