Park Bo Gum’s New Movie “Seo Bok” Premiere Date Confirmed

seo bok premiere date

Chogiwa – Park Bo Gum just started his military service last month and fans should be a bit patience if they want to see him acting again. However, after Record of Youth which is now still ongoing drama, there is one more upcoming movie of Park Bo Gum, Seo Bok.

Yesterday, October 21st, two new posters and Seo Bok premiere date just released which confirmed the premier of the movie will be in December 2020. The film directed by Lee Yong Joo is also starring two famous actors, Park Bo Gum and Gong Yoo.

Seo Bok has been one of the hot topics among Korean Movie fans since last year when there is picture of both Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum in the ceremony after finishing the film process. However, not until yesterday the release date finally confirmed.

Park Bo Gum has been staring in several movies and dramas but Seo Bok is the first movie of him in Science Fiction theme. It seems like this kind of theme is becoming trend lately after The King of Eternal Monarch, Alice and the Do Kyungsoo’s upcoming movie The Moon also come from the same genre, which makes Seo Bok one of the highly anticipated movie this year.

The story is about an ex intelligent agency agent Ki Hun (Gong Yoo) whose last mission is to transfer the first human clone namedSeo Bok (Park Bo Gum). Seo Bok possesses a secret of eternal life which makes it the target of possession from several forces which put Ki Hun should in dangerous situation.

There are two posters released yesterday along with the confirmation of Seo Bok premiere date. Each poster depicts each of two main characters of Seo Bok, Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum.

park bo gum seo bok

First poster showed Ki Hun (Gong Yoo) illuminated by the light while he’s standing in the darkness with tagline “I live for present”. The second posters showed Seo Bok (Park Bo Gum) which looks robotic with tagline “I live forever”. Those two posters represent two different and quite opposite situation of the two main characters.

park bo gum new movie

Gong Yoo is considered as one of the actors who always bring successful to all projects he involved. There are some dramas and movies played by Gong Yoo became hits such as Train to Busan, The Age of Shadows and Crucible, or dramas such as Goblin and The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince. However, Park Bo Gum, has proven himself as one of the top young actors from several hit dramas he played such as Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, Neil’s Cantabile, Reply 1988 and his last drama project before his military enlistment is Record of Youth.

Not only from the cast, Seo Bok will be directed by Lee Young Joo who once succeeded with Architecture 101, a movie which brought up Bae Suzy name as the top actress and earned the title “Nation’s First Love”.

In other words, Seo Bok is one of the movie you should put on your watching list before the year of 2020 ended.