EXO Chanyeol’s “Minimal Warm” for “She’s My Type” OST Confirmed to be Released on November 1st

EXO Chanyeol’s minimal warm

Chogiwa – TOON STUDIO released a statement yesterday, October 26th that “Minimal Warm” will become the last collaboration for webtoon She’s My Type and EXO Chanyeol. This song will be released in various music platforms on November 1st at 6PM KST.

She’s My Type is a popular webtoon from TOON STUDIO, before EXO Chanyeol’s Minimal Warm¸ there are various artists already have the collaboration with TOON STUDIO such as :

exo chanyeol she's my type ost
Image Source : Toon Studio

#1 Slightly Tipsy by Sandeul (B14A)

Slightly Tipsy is the first collaboration project for She’s My Type OST. This song is very simple but yet very deep. That is probably the reason why this song never leaves the chart for sometimes after the release. The song is kind of ballad song that will give the vibe of falling in love again and again.

#2 Stay the Night by Gray ft DeVita

Stay the Night is the next OST of She’s My Type which once again became the hit and never leaves the top chart. The lyric which is the combination of both Korean and English just perfect with the astonishing blending of Gray’s vocals and DeVita. The song is perfect to listen during the night with your loved ones.

#3 The Moment My Heart Flinched by Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

The first thing that caught everyone’s heart is the beautiful lyric and the perfect combination of Kyuhyun’s voice. Compared to Slightly Tipsy which is easy listening and Stay the Night which will make anyone who hear it nod their heads, The Moment My Heart Flinched is giving a different vibe like an everlasting ballad.

#4 Have A Good Night by Shownu and Minhyuk (Monsta X)

The combination of Shownu and Minhyuk vocals would never fail because Have A Good Night is going to be a perfect song for you to hear during the night with your loved ones. She’s My Type is a popular webtoon with several hit original soundtracks and Have A Good Night is one of them.

#5 How’s Your Night? by Jeong Eunji (APINK)

She’s My Type is really cute webtoon with even more cute love story. How’s Your Night by APINK’s Jeong Eunji is a perfect song to accompany your night with your love one. Even if you are alone, reading the webtoon when listening to Eunji’s voice will bring you a good night vibe.

#6 Dear You by Standing Egg

The next song you should put on your playlist while reading She’s My Type is Dear You from Standing Egg. The love story kind of lyric with easy listening music are the reasons why this song is so popular.

#7 All Night Long by Car, the Garden

Before you could put EXO Chanyeol’s Minimal Warm¸ there is one more song you should listen which is All Night Long by Car, the Garden. The song is very simple but with touching lyric.

#8 Sweet Love by Crush

The intro “Sweet Love” in the very beginning of the song already catchy for everyone who listen it. Once you start listening to it there is no reason to stop it. The R&B vibe is so perfect with Crush vocals.

#9 Minimal Warm by EXO Chanyeol

It is said that the low and deep voice of Chanyeol will give different colours to the line-up of She’s My Type OST.

TOON STUDIO also stated that EXO Chanyeol’s Minimal Warm will become the last project She’s My Type OST collaboration. The unique thing about this project is the name of main male character of She’s My Type is also Chanyeol, so choosing EXO Chanyeol as the last singer to close the collaboration OST project is a perfect choice.

However, when it comes to solo project of EXO member, EXO-Ls, the fandom name of EXO, are a bit traumatic. It happened with good reasons because all EXO members who are currently serving the military, before they started their mandatory military service have released a single song, such as Xiumin’s You, D.O’s That’s Okay, Suho’s Let’s Love and recently is Chen with his Hello. Will Chanyeol’s Minimal Warm become his last project before his enlistment to serve South Korea’s military? Well, let’s find it out on November 1st.