Top 7 Korean Drama Aired in December 2020

Chogiwa – December is coming and the weather is getting colder. Watching Korean drama while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in a cold December sounds like heaven during this pandemic era and below are the Top 7 Korean dramas aired in December 2020. Are you ready to put them on your watching list?

#1 Cheat on Me, If You Can

Top 7 Korean Drama Aired in December 2020

The first Koran drama aired in December 2020 that you should put on your watching list is Cheat on Me, if You Can which is expected to be aired on December 2nd. This drama starring Cha Yeo Jeong as Kang Yeo Joo, a mystery novelist who constantly thinking about how to murder people because she only writes crime stories for her novel. She married Han Woo Sung (Go Joon); a divorce lawyer whose premarital agreement was “If I cheat, I die”.

It is going to be one of the highly anticipated rom-com dramas with a marriage theme. It fits best with the season because December is a perfect time to watch a drama with this kind of theme because there is no better place to spend your winter but with family at home.

#2 City Couple’s Way of Love

Top 7 Korean Drama Aired in December 2020

City Couple’s Way of Love: My Lovely Camera thief is going to warm your cold winter with the story of Park Chae Won (Ji Chang Wook) who falls in love at the first sight. Who did that anymore? Well, this drama gives us hope that love can come anytime and anywhere even in the weirdest condition.

Park Chae Won accidentally met a girl who stole a camera and since then he couldn’t forget about her. She is Lee Eun Oh (Kim Ji Won) who has two identities, first is as Eun Oh a marketing freelance and as Yoon Sun Ah, a person with a free spirit.

How will their love story start? Let’s find out this December 8th and make sure to have something warm with you.

#3 True Beauty

Top 7 Korean Drama Aired in December 2020
Source: TvN

True Beauty initially scheduled to air in late November 2020 but it has been postponed but then confirmed to be aired on December 9th. True Beauty is a drama adapted from a famous webtoon with the same title which depicts a story of a girl named Im Joo Kyung (Moon Ga Young) who is so insecure with her look and hiding it with makeup. Due to some circumstances, she involved with two men, Lee Soo Ho (Cha Eun Woo) and Han Seo Joon (Hwang In Yeop) who used to be best friends. Both of them fall in love with Joo Kyung.

This is the next Korean drama aired in December 2020 you should make sure to watch because this drama is not only full of visuals but also a great story plot.

#4 Hush

Hush Top 7 Korean Drama Aired in December 2020

Are you looking for something a little bit serious for your drama list in December 2020? You could put Hush on your watching list as well. This drama which is expected to air on December 11th is adapted from a best-seller novel Silence Alert.

The story is between senior and junior professional relations in a big newspaper company starring Hwang Jung Min as a veteran reporter named Han Joon Hyeok and Yoona as a junior reporter named Lee Ji Soo. While Han Joon Hyeok started to think about pragmatism instead of idealism, Ji Soo is so excited to pursue justice. The combination of senior and junior reporters in this drama will offer you the vibe of the ups and downs of working in the journalism field.

#5 Mr. Queen

Top 7 Korean Drama Aired in December 2020 mr queen

If you are the fans of Shin Hye Sun, you shouldn’t miss this drama, Mr. Queen? The first time you read the title, you might be thinking it is a typo but nope, it is exactly the title of the drama. Jang Bong Hwan is a chef working in President’s Blue House. Somehow, his spirit left his body and possessed by Queen Kim So Yong (Shin Hye Sun) from the Joseon period.

And the interesting story begins, King Cheoljong (Kim Jung Hyun) is a gentle king but he has no power over Queen Sunwon (Bae Jong Ok) while the brother of the queen is so ambitious toward the throne. Well, surely you could guess already what is the role of Bong Hwan in this drama. So, save your date to watch this drama which will be aired on December 12th.

#6 Run On

Top 7 Korean Drama Aired in December 2020 run on

Watching rom-com Korean drama a cold winter of December is probably the best thing you could do during this pandemic. Run On is one of the highly recommended Korean dramas aired in December 2020 you should put on your watching list.

The drama is about the love story between Ki Sun Gyeom (Im Si Wan) who used to be a sprinter athlete but decided to quit due to some issues and Oh Mi Joo (Shin Se Kyung) who works as a subtitle translator. So, stay tuned for this new JTBC drama which will be aired on December 16th.

#7 Secret Royal Inspector

Top 7 Korean Drama Aired in December 2020

Back to the Joseon period, a story about a secret royal inspector named Sung Yi Gyeom (Kim Myung Soo). His main job is to catch the corruptor and deal with illegal acts. While Kwon Na Ra as Hong Da In is a female inspector and together with Yi Gyeong and his loyal servant Park Chun Sam (Lee Yi Kyung) they are working together to solves cases.

Though the plot sounds so serious, the appearance of Lee Yi Kyung is a strong mark that this drama is not going to be boring. Can you imagine the combination of Kim Myung Soo and Lee Yi Kyung in one drama? Well, this one is going to be epic, just make sure to save the date because this drama is expected to be aired on December 21, 2020.

Those are the top 7 Korean drama aired in December 2020 that you should put on your watching list. When December comes, it means there is only one month left for 2020. It seems like during this pandemic, people are super ready to leave this year behind and wish for better days in the upcoming years.

However, Korean dramas air in December 2020 mentioned above will accompany you welcoming 2021 without the need to feel sorry for 2020 because even during this pandemic, 2020 is still an awesome year, a year when you still have a chance to get a precious experience in a ‘new normal’ way.

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