Top Five Facts of Kim Seon Ho

Top Five Facts of Kim Seon Ho
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Chogiwa – Kim Seon Ho is one of the actors that became hot topics recently. Not only because he played as the main cast in one of the hit dramas Start Up but because he has won one of the prominent awards in AAA 2020 that marked his position as one of the promising actors in the Korean entertainment industry. For those who are wondering about him, below are the top five facts of Kim Seon Ho.

#1 He Is ONCE

The first fact from the top five facts of Kim Seon Ho is that he is actually ONCE. ONCE is the name of TWICE’s fandom.

In one interview Kim Seon Ho admitted that he is a fan of TWICE “In my opinion, Heart Shaker is the best. Through TWICE I learn to understand the feeling of my fans”.

In the same interview, he also stated that he has Sam Smith’s “Stay With M” and Acourve’s “What Was That?” in his playlist but still his number one favorite song is TWICE’s Heart Shaker. He even added that he likes Dahyun “I wish I could have a daughter like Dahyun. When I watch TWICE, I feel so proud”

#2 He Got Fully Supported by Team Han Ji Pyeong

Top Five Facts of Kim Seon Ho
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Han Ji Pyeong is Kim Seon Ho’s character in his latest hit drama Start Up, where he played a second lead role. However, surprisingly though he is the second lead role, fans prefer him to be the one to end with the lead female actress.

Based on a voting session hold by Naver with the theme “If I was Seo Dal Mi, who I will choose? Nam Do San vs Han Ji Pyeong?”. This vote started on November 28th and on November 30th, 55,005 users have voted and the result gap is quite significant. 81% of votes or 44,779 voters chose Han Ji Pyeong and 19% of votes or 10,226 voters chose Nam Do San.

#3 He Won Emotional Award in Asian Artist Awards 2020 (AAA 2020)

The third thing of the top five facts of Kim Seon Ho you should know is that Han Ji Pyeong, this character has led Kim Seon Ho to win the Emotional Awards in Asian Artist Awards 2020 (AAA 2020) which has been held on November 28th. It is a strong mark of his career as an actor.

#4 The Most Loved Second Lead Role Ever

Before Start Up, Kim Seon Ho has played in several hit dramas and some of them as lead roles such as in Catch the Ghost and Welcome to Waikiki 2.

However, though those dramas are also really good, instead of well-known as a lead role, Kim Seon Ho is better known as the most loved second lead role.

Start Up is not the first time for him being a second lead role, fans even noticed him as a lovable second lead role when he played with EXO’s D.O in 100 Days My Prince.

#5 He Started His Career in Theatre

Well, it is obvious why Kim Seon Ho is really great at acting because he started his career in theatre in 2009. Not until 2017, he started to take a small step in television by taking a minor supporting role in the drama Good Manager.

In the same year, Kim Seon Ho then got a good role in the drama Strongest Deliveryman, where he started getting all the recognition. Not waiting too long, he also got a role in the drama Two Cops when he won two awards Best New Actor and Excellent Actor in the 2017 MBC Drama Awards.

After finding out more about the top five of Kim Seon Ho, have you known him better now? Well, it seems like after Start Up, Kim Seon Ho is going to be really busy since more projects will be lining up for him. Congratulation to actor Kim Seon Ho.