Yeo Jin Goo’s Special Appearance in Start-Up

Yeo Jin Goo’s Special Appearance in Start-Up
Image source: TvN

Chogiwa – Start-Up’s last episode just aired a couple of days ago and both teams, Han Ji Pyeong or Nam Do San should accept the fact that Seo Dal Mi finally chose Do San over Ji Pyeong.

However, the fact that Dal Mi ended with Do San is not a surprise at all because it is obvious how the drama will be ended. The real surprise is actually in the form of Yeo Jin Goo’s special appearance as a cameo in Start-Up’s last episode that surprises fans.

Yeo Jin Goo as a Cameo

Yeo Jin Goo’s special appearance in Start-Up is a real surprise for fans. He acted as Hong Ji Seok, a CEO of a small start-up company well-known as Go Gil Dong Project; it is a company that connects orphans with donator.

The most favorite part of this scene is not when Hong Ji Seok explained about his company or when Han Ji Peyong finally invested in this project personally but lies on the precious expression of Han Ji Pyeong when he heard his voice for the first time.

He also mentioned that “I like your voice” when Hong Ji Seok asked Ji Pyeong why he wants to invest from his own pocket.

Yeo Jin Goo Is More than Just A Cameo

Yeo Jin Goo’s Special Appearance in Start-Up
Image Source: TvN

Some of you might be wondering why Han Ji Pyeong decided to invest just by listening and liking Hon Ji Seok’s voice. Well, it is because Yeo Jin Goo’s special appearance in Start-Up is actually more than just a cameo.

He has been part of the drama since the very beginning but not as Hong Ji Seok, a CEO of a start-up company, but as Jang Young Sil.

In the very beginning of the drama, Young Sil is the voice that always around Han Ji Pyeong, answering his question, giving instruction even telling him his fortune of the day. In other words, without people realizing it Young Sil has a significant role in this drama.

There are a lot of people who finally realize that Young Sil’s voice is kind of familiar and seek the answer about the man behind Young Sil’s voice but more people don’t realize it until the 16th episode of Start-Up.

One of the best things about Korean drama is that there is always a surprise that could make watching the drama even more appealing. Some of them are even in the form of small things and Yeo Jin Goo’s special appearance in Start-Up is one of the examples.

Yeo Jin Goo himself is one of the promising actors who started his acting career from the age of eight in movie entitled Sad Movie. However, his career started to raise in 2012 when he landed a role as a younger version of crown prince in Moon Embracing the Sun. Since then, he landed more roles as lead role in several hit dramas such as Orange Marmalade, Circle, My Absolute Boyfriend and Hotel Del Luna. His movies projects are also quite impressive for his age.

After the special appearance in Start-Up the closest project of Yeo Jin Goo is a drama entitled Monster when will he will act with veteran actor Shin Ha Kyung about two detectives who strive to solve a serial murder case in a small and peaceful city.