TvN’s New Drama “Cliffhanger” Starring Ju Ji Hoon and Gianna Jun

TvN’s New Drama “Cliffhanger” Starring Ju Ji Hoon and Gianna Jun
Image Source: TvN

Chogiwa – TvN never failed to bring the mystery genre to a drama. In 2021, TvN’s New Drama Cliffhanger is probably one of the most highly-anticipated dramas which are totally worth watching.

Original Story Plot

As mentioned above Cliffhanger is going to be a mystery and thriller kind of drama. However, the combination of Ju Ji Hoon and Gianna Jun as the main roles may give a new color to the mystery because both of them are well known to be amazing actors and actresses with comical characteristics no matter how serious the plot of the story is.

The story itself is about a group of rangers who work in Jirisan National Park or Jiri Mountain National Park. Each of them has a unique character and a secret to keep. Under some circumstances, they will explore the mysterious regions of Jiri Mountain in order to rescue visitors who got lost in the mountain.

In the process, they met a lot of people with their own story, some of them visited the mountain just for fun, some to look for new experience, but there is also visitor who came to kill and ironically, there are also visitors who came to the mountain with a purpose to end their own lives.

Amazing Lineup of Casts

One of the things that make TvN’s new drama Cliffhanger worth watching is its amazing lineup of casts. For the lead roles, there are Gianna Jun and Ju Ji Hoon, veteran actors Sung Dong Il and Oh Jung See.

#1 Gianna Jun

TvN’s New Drama “Cliffhanger” Starring Ju Ji Hoon and Gianna Jun
Image Source: TvN

Gianna Jun or also well known as Jun Ji Hyun is one of the multi-talented actresses who has been well known for her amazing acting in several hit dramas such as My Love from the Star and Legend of the Blue Sea.

This TvN’s new drama Cliffhanger will be her newest drama project after Legend of the Blue Sea in 2017. That is why fans must have a lot of expectations for this drama because it is going to be Gianna Jun’s first project after three years.

In this drama, Gianna Jun as Seo Yi Kang is a top ranger who knows every corner of the mountain. She has a lot of experiences that enable her to track down the lost visitors just based on the steps of the grass.

#2 Ju Ji Hoon

TvN’s New Drama “Cliffhanger” Starring Ju Ji Hoon and Gianna Jun
Image Source: TvN

Unlike Gianna Jun, the recent three years are probably the busiest year ever for Ju Ji Hoon. Besides the impressive list of movie projects such as two movies of Along with the Gods, The Spy Gone North, and Dark Figure of Crime, he also has been busy acting in several hit dramas such as Kingdom, Item, and Hyena.

Ju Ji Hoon has tried to become a king in Kingdom, a man with a superpower in Item, and a cold but romantic lawyer in Hyena. However, this time, in TvN’s new drama Cliffhanger, Ju Ji Hoon will take the role of a military man who once to be a captain but decided to be a ranger in Jiri Mountain National Park due to a frightful incident he experienced in the mountain.

#3 Sung Dong Il

Sung Dong Il as Jo Dae Jin is the head of the national park. He has been spending most of his life as the park ranger that put him as a man who considers the life of all people working with him as his responsibility.

Sung Dong Il is a veteran actor whose latest projects are including The Cursed, Trap, Ms. Hamurrabi, Prison Playbook. He also took a role in Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days with Ju Ji Hoon.

#4 Oh Jung Se

Oh Jung Se’s latest project is considered memorable when he acted as the older brother with down syndrome of Moon Gang Tae (Kim So Hyun) in the drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. However, he is also well- known as veteran actors that make his appearance in this TvN’s new drama Cliffhanger become even more appealing.

In Cliffhanger, Oh Jung Se as Jung Goo Young will have unique characteristics which are the vice versa of Jo Dae Jin (Sung Dong Il). In this drama, Oh Jung Se has a special motto that he should put himself first over others. He is going to be the character who will make sure to take all the leave days and leave the work on time.

Interesting Facts of Cliffhanger

As one of the highly-anticipated drama which will be aired in 2021, there are some interesting facts you should know about Cliffhanger:

  • This TvN’s new drama Cliffhanger will be the first drama which setting of places is in the Jiri Mountain National Park;
  • The original title of Cliffhanger is Jirisan or Jiri Mountain/Mount Jiri;
  • The filming process has been started in September 2020 but the very first outdoor shooting was held in October;
  • This drama is expected to be released in the mid of 2021, around June 2021.

It is true that 2021 is going to be a great year after all the bitter-sweet of 2020. There are more dramas and movies to watch in 2021 and this TvN’s new drama Cliffhanger is among dramas that should be on your watching list.