OCN’s Unusual Superhero Drama “The Uncanny Counter”

OCN’s Unusual Superhero Drama “The Uncanny Counter”
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Chogiwa – What do you expect from a drama with a superhero theme? A superhero with a cool superpower? A mysterious group of people living in a cool dungeon? Or you may expect someone with cool outfits fighting over even more cool monsters?

Well, The Uncanny Counter is an unusual superhero drama of OCN that fits nothing of your expectations. However, this drama is one of the worth watching dramas because it has made a new record for OCN’s highest viewership rating.

The Synopsis of “The Uncanny Counter”

OCN’s Unusual Superhero Drama “The Uncanny Counter”
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As the unusual superhero drama, The Uncanny Counter is one of the highly recommended drama to watch this month. Adapted from a webtoon Amazing Rumor, the synopsis of The Uncanny Counter is quite unique about a group of people who pose as employees of a noodles restaurant name Eonni’s Noodles but their real jobs are demon hunters.

In a fictional city, Jungjin City, there is a group of people with special superpowers or abilities who responsible to capture evil spirits or demons that have returned to the earth for eternal life.

The group well-known as “Counter”. Together with ‘good spirits’ from The Spirits Immigration Office, the Counters work really hard to hunt for evil spirits that threaten the local humans and banish them.

The Lineup Cast of “The Uncanny Counter”

One of the reasons why you should watch OCN’s unusual superhero drama The Uncanny Counter is also the unusual lineup of the cast. Each of them should portray a unique character that fits best to the synopsis of The Uncanny Counter.

OCN’s Unusual Superhero Drama “The Uncanny Counter”
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#1 Jo Byung Gyu as So Moon

In daily life, So Moon is only an ordinary high school student and due to a mysterious accident experienced by So Moon, his left leg is limp. However, as the youngest member in Counter, his ability is really prominent; he could summon and control Yung, a territory where Counters will get their strongest state.

#2 Yu Jun Sang as Ga Mo Tak

Ga Mo Tak is a former police officer who lost his memory due to an accident he encountered 7 years ago. Compared to other Counters, he is the strongest because his ability is strength. In Eonni’s Noodle restaurant, Ga Mo Tak is posing as one of the workers.

#3 Kim Se Jeong as Do Ha Na

Do Ha Na is also posing as a worker in Eonni’s noodle restaurant and her ability is really unique because she could read someone’s memory even from years ago when she touches them and senses evil spirits even from as far as a hundred kilometers.

#4 Yeom Hye Ran as Choo Mae Ok

Choo Mae Ok is the chef in Eonni’s Noodle but her role is more than that. In Counters, she is the anchor and her ability is healing.

#5 Ahn Suk Hwan as Choi Jang Mul

Choi Jang Mul is well known as the richest chaebol in Jungjin City but his true identity is the founder of Counters because he is the first one. His main job is managing the expenses of Counters.

The original story plot makes this OCN’s unusual superhero drama The Uncanny Counter is one of the dramas you must watch this month. Not only that, the amazing but unusual lineup of the cast is the other reason why this drama is worth watching.