Synopsis of Royal Secret Agent Brings Laughter to Your Cool December

Synopsis of Royal Secret Agent Brings Laughter to Your Cool December
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Chogiwa – There are a lot of choices of amazing dramas to watch during winter in December. The theme is also varying, from rom-com, superhero fantasy up to family drama but only by reading the synopsis of Royal Secret Agent brings laughter to your cool December.

That is why Royal Secret Agent is worth a place in your December’s watching list.

Synopsis of Royal Secret Agent

Royal Secret Agent is an upcoming KBS2’s historical comedy-drama. Just from the synopsis of Royal Secret Agent, you will know how this drama will be; a combination of a good story plot about a group of royal inspectors and comical characters are enough to bring laughter to your cool winter.

Taking set during the Joseon era, Sung Yi Gyum (Kim Myung Soo) is the top scorer in the state examination but he has no ambition. He then landed a boring job in the administrative and research department until one day he caught gambling. Instead of being punished in prison, he is assigned to be a secret royal agent whose main job is investigating corrupt practices conducted by public officers.

Sung Yi Gyum with the help of a servant, Park Chun Sam (Lee Yi Kyung) who is not only loyal but well-known to be a blabbermouth and a cry-baby.

Their group becomes more appealing when Hong Da In (Kwon Nara) joined the team, she works as a female inspector. Together they form a solid team to fight for the injustice inside the government.

Synopsis of Royal Secret Agent Brings Laughter to Your Cool December
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The Lineup Cast of Royal Secret Agent

The synopsis of Royal Secret Agent is enough to put this drama as one of the worth watching drama this December and the lineup cast of Royal Secret Agent is also worth to know.

#1 Kim Myung Soo

Kim Myung Soo as Sung Yi Gyum, a smart scholar who has no ambition until he caught gambling and as punishment, he should work as a royal secret agent who has a responsibility to investigate corruption among public officers.

Royal Secret Agent is going to be Kim Myung Soo’s next project after Meow, the Secret Boy, and Angel’s Last Mission: Love. Kim Myung Soo who is also well known as L is one of the idols who seems better known as an actor now due to his amazing acting skill.

#2 Kwon Nara

Kown Nara took the role of Hong Da In. She is the female inspector who later joins the Royal Secret Agent. She is well known for her beauty and her characteristic described to be as beautiful as Hwang Jini; a famous gisaeng during the Joseon dynasty.

This drama will be her newest project after her last drama Itaewon Class. So this drama is one of the highly anticipated Kwon Nara’s drama as the first female lead.

#3 Lee Yi Kyung

Lee Yi Kyung may have a specialty as a comical character in a drama which can be seen from his previous drama project such as Welcome to Wakiki 1 and 2.

In Royal Secret Agent, not only Lee Yi Kyung played a comical character again but this time his character is going to be prominent as the royal servant of Sung Yi Gyum.

The Covid-19 pandemic may force people to do their activity from the safe-zone of their home. Some people might find it stressful but for Korean drama lovers, there is always a way to find the positive side from this condition because they have more time to sit comfortably on their couch, spending a cool winter or wet December watching their favorite dramas from their favorite actors.

The synopsis of Royal Secret Agent has brought laughter and the drama hasn’t even aired yet. So, don’t forget to save the date, Royal Secret Agent will be released this December 21st, 2020 just days before Christmas. Happy Holiday!