“Sweet Home” Netflix’s Most Expensive Drama Adaptation

“Sweet Home” Netflix’s Most Expensive Drama Adaptation
Image Source: Netflix.com

Chogiwa – Sweet Home is going to be the next original Korean drama aired in December through Netflix. It has been reported that Netflix invested $2,4 million per episode of Sweet Home which makes Sweet Home, Netflix’s most expensive drama adaption.

Synopsis of Sweet Home

Sweet Home is a Korean drama adapted from a webtoon with the same title. The story revolves around a teenager named Cha Hyeon Soo. After the death of his family in a car accident, he moves to an apartment, Green Home.

Just a couple of days after he moved, a mysterious outbreak happens all around the world. The mysterious phenomenon that turns people into monsters. Together with a group of people living in the apartment, Cha Hyeon Soo is fighting really hard to deal with the huge number of monsters.

“Sweet Home” Netflix’s Most Expensive Drama Adaptation
Image Source: Asianwiki.com

Sweet Home Becomes Netflix’s Most Expensive Drama Adaptation

Sweet Home live action is one of the highly anticipated webtoons adaption. Not only because the webtoon itself is a popular one but also the lineup of people behind the production.

Lee Eung Bok, a genius behind some popular hit dramas such as TvN’s Goblin: The Great and Lonely God and KBS’s Descendant of the Sun, will be the one directing Sweet Home while Netflix will provide the fund.

The reason why Sweet Home becomes Netflix’s most expensive drama adaption is that this fantasy drama requires high-quality effects, graphics, and animation. Not only that, there will be a lot of monsters appear in this drama which also requires expensive CGI technology.

Lineup Cast of Sweet Home

The lineup cast of Sweet Home is also not a joke. Young actor Song Kang will play the role of Cha Hyeon Soo. While actor Lee Jin Wook as Pyeon Sang Wook and then actress Lee Si Young as Seo Yi Kyeong.

Not only the main casts, but there are some famous names also in the lineup of supporting casts such as actor Lee Do Hyun who recently received a lot of praise for his acting in drama 18 Again. Park Kyu Young who is well known as Nam Joo Ri in the drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. Senior actors, Kim Kap Soo and Kim Sang Ho also have been confirmed to join the lineup.

Last year, Netflix also invested a big budget in the drama Arthdal Chronicles though the rating didn’t fit the expectation. However, Sweet Home is going to be different because, from the storyline, the lineup cast up to the production budget, this drama is going to be one of the highly anticipated drama this year.

Besides, the thriller genre with zombies and the cool fighting scenes would never get old. Sweet Home is not only Netflix’s most expensive drama adaptation but also the most worth-spending one.