Jun U-Kiss Will Join Jung Hae In’s “D.P” Drama

Jun U-Kiss Will Join Jung Hae In’s "D.P" Drama
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Chogiwa – One more Netflix’s drama adapted from a webtoon entitled D.P (Deserter Pursuit). This drama will portray sensitive issues inside the military. Netflix has announced some casts of the drama and recently it has been confirmed as well that Jun U-Kiss will join Jung Hae In’s D.P drama.

Jun U-Kiss Will Join Jung Hae In’s D.P Drama

D.P is going to be one of the highly anticipated dramas in 2021. This drama itself is about a special military squad well known as the D.P unit. This unit has the main job to chase down soldiers who defected from their responsibilities as soldiers.

Some names have been announced to join the project. Jung Hae In will be the lead actor who takes the role of An Joon Ho; a quiet, calm, and inflexible soldier. Due to his inflexibility and compliance with rules, he was transferred to the D.P unit. In this unit, he starts questioning his tendency while dealing with deserter issues.

Actor Koo Kyo Hwa will take the role of Han Ho Yeol; a free-spirited corporal with no ambition. However, he has the best knowledge when it comes to deal with deserters. Kim Sung Kyun as the head of D.P unit named Park Beom Gu. He has all the temperament to put all his team under pressure but he always put his team first over his own matter.

In a team, there is always one annoying character. Son Suk Ku as Im Ji Seop who graduated at the top of the class from Korean Military Academy will take that kind of role. He is a perfectionist who only cares about the result of the mission and not really care about the team.

While singer Jun U-Kiss or also well-known as actor Lee Jun Young will join Jung Hae In’s D.P though there is no further info yet regarding his role.

Jun U-Kiss’ Present Projects

Jun U-Kiss Will Join Jung Hae In’s "D.P" Drama
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Lee Jun Young or Jun UKISS debuted with UKISS in 2014 and now he is also well known as actors. His acting debut started in 2017 from the drama Avengers Social Club. Since then, he has been acting with various characters.

In Class of Lies he took the role of Yoo Beom Jin; a psychopath who poses as a model student. In Good Casting, his role is as an annoying and demanding actor named Kang Woo Won.

At present, Lee Jun Young’s drama Please Don’t Date Him is still ongoing in MBC. In this drama, he took the role of Jung Kook Hee; a mysterious but handsome firefighter. Actually, there are more of Jun’s dramas projects though some of them have no updates yet regarding the progress such as Wings, Fly Up, and Idol’s Doctor.

Jun U-Kiss will join Jung Hae In’s D.P is not the only good news. Aside from the amazing lineup of the cast, the original writer of webtoon Kim Bo Tang also join the project as the writer of the drama script. Han Joon Hee who once responsible for the success of Coin Locker Girl and Hit and Run Squad will direct this drama.