“Imitation” Packed with Idols: ATEEZ, SF9, U-KISS and T-ARA


Chogiwa – Imitation is the new KBS’s drama adapted from a webtoon with the same title. Since this drama is about the life of idols in the South Korean entertainment industry. Imitation packed with Idols: ATEEZ, SF9, U-KISS, TARA will be part of this KBS’s new drama.

“Imitation” Packed with Idols

Imitation Packed with Idols

It is obvious that since Imitation is a drama about idols, Imitation packed with idols as well. The story itself revolves around three groups, Shax, Teaparty, and Sparkling. There is also a popular singer Ra Ri Ma (T-ARA’s Park Ji Yeon).

Jung Ji So who once succeed with Parasite will take the lead female named Ma Ha. She is a member of Teaparty with Ri A, Minseo, a rookie idol from Superstar K7 will take this role, and then Hyun Ji (Lim Na Young).

While U-KISS’s Jun will take the role of lead male, Kwon Ryeok from Shax. Two members of SF9’s Kang Chan Hee and Hwi Young as Eun Zo and Yi Hyun will become a member of Shax. There are also ATEEZ’s Jung Ho as Hyeok and rookie idols Yuri and An Jung Hoon as Do Jin and Jae Woo. Total, there are six members of Shax.

Group Sparkling consists of ATEEZ’s Yun Ho, Seong Wa, and San as Yoo Jin, Min Soo, and Se Young. And then, actor Yun Ho as Yoo Jin. There are four members of Sparkling.

ATINY must be super happy because four members of ATEEZ will join the lineup. Not only that, but Imitation also includes idols from previous generations such as Suwoong from Boys Republic, Danny Ahn from G.O.D., and Shim Eun Jin from Baby V.O.X.

Imitation Is Currently on Filming Process

Just a couple of days ago, two main casts of Imitation, Park Ji Yeon and Minseo shared their activity regarding the filming process. There is also a picture where Jun was seen on the agency of the drama.

From the list of the cast, Imitation will be full of visuals and talents. Some actors are veterans but there are also some rookie idols and actress that has the possibility to steal attention.

From this drama, people could see the life of idols from their own perspectives. This drama will cover their dreams, their life goals, and all the intrigues and problems of being idols.

There are a lot of reasons why Imitation is one of the highly-anticipating dramas in 2021. Not only because ATEEZ, SF9, U-KISS, TARA will be part of KBS’s Drama Imitation. The webtoon Imitation itself is one of the popular webtoons around the world. So, there are a lot of people are waiting for this drama from the Imitation readers, fandom of the group. Such as ATINY (ATEEZ’s fandom), Fantasy (SF9’s fandom), Kiss Me (U-Kiss’ fandom), and QUEEN’s (T-ARA’s fandom). Not only that, Han Hyun Hee who once succeed with Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryun and Solomon’s Prejury will become the director of this drama along with writer Choi Sun Young and Kim Min Jung.