Chogiwa – CNBLUE is a South Korean rock band that debuted in 2008. They are among the top musicians in K-Pop industry because each of the members is super talented. Not only well-known as musicians, Jung Yong Hwa, Kang Min Hyuk, and Lee Jung Shin are also well-known as great actors. The list of CNBLUE’s members’ dramas and movies is quite impressive and 2021 is no exception. Below are the must-watch dramas starring CNBLUE members in 2021.

Must-Watch Dramas Starring CNBLUE Members in 2021

Each CNBLUE member is a great actor. They have been playing in several hit dramas such as Heartstrings, Entertainers, Hospital Ships, The Packages, and many more. Unfortunately, they entered a hiatus period in 2018 when all of the members should do their mandatory military service. However, once they finished their mandatory military services, they came back with a new single “Now, Then and Forever” last year.

Aside from CNBLUE comeback as a unit, each of the members also has their own drama projects. Below is the list of must-watch dramas starring CNBLUE members in 2021.

Must-Watch Dramas Starring CNBLUE Members in 2021
Source: IG Jung Young Hwa @jyheffect0622

#1 Sell Your Haunted House – Jung Yong Hwa

Sell Your Haunted House is Jung Yong Hwa’s first drama after his discharge from the South Korean military on November 3rd, 2019. This drama is a combination of fantasy, horror, thriller, and comedy genres.

The story plot of Sell Your Haunted House is about Oh In Beom (Jung Yong Hwa) who often uses ghosts to deceive people to make money when the fact is he does not believe in ghosts. While Hong Ji A (Jang Na Ra) is an exorcist and also the owner of the Daebak Real Estate. The real estate specialized in selling a haunted house. Due to the similarity of their jobs, Hong Ji A and Oh In Boem then work together to reveal the secret from 20 years ago about the death of Hong Ji A’s mother.

KBS2 has announced that Sell Your Haunted House will release on April 14th, 2021 to occupy the Wednesday and Thursday slots after Hello, Me!.

Must-Watch Dramas Starring CNBLUE Members in 2021
Source: IG Kang Min Hyuk @mr_kanggun

#2 Not Yet 30! – Kang Min Hyuk

Not Yet 30! is a web-drama starring Kang Min Hyuk as Lee Seung Yoo and Jung in Sun as Seo Ji Won. It is a drama about three best friends who are about to enter their 30s. This is one of the must-watch dramas starring CNBLUE members in 2021.

Seo Ji Won is a popular webtoon writer. One day, Ji Won decided to write and publish a comic based on her first love story. Without she knowing, the editor of the publishing company is Lee Sung Yoo, her first love.

Since it is a web drama, the duration per episode is really short. Published for the first time on February 23rd, Not Yet 30! is almost coming to an end. However, it is worth watching drama for those who love a romance story, especially about first love.

Must-Watch Dramas Starring CNBLUE Members in 2021

#3 Oh! Master – Kang Min Hyuk

Oh! Master is one of the highly recommended rom-com dramas from MBC. In this drama, Kang Min Hyuk took the role of the second lead male actor named Jung Yoo Jin. Yoo Jin is the 3rd generation chaebol who is also an old friend of Oh Joo In (Nana).

The story plot of Oh! Master is a little bit unique. Starring Lee Min Ki as Han Bi Soo and Nana as Oh Joo In. Bi Soo is well-known as a genius thriller drama series screenwriter and Nana is a popular actress.

The drama aired from the first time on March 24th, so it is still on going.

Must-Watch Dramas Starring CNBLUE Members in 2021
Source: IG Lee Jung Shin @leejungshin91

#4 Summer Guys – Lee Jung Shin

Lee Jung Shin’s first drama after his discharge is Summer Guys. It is the Korean version of Coyote Ugly about a bunch of youngsters who spend their summer together. The main themes of the drama are about youth, music and dancing with beach at the background. The drama will be as colorful as summer cocktails.  

This drama is full of visuals and idols. Not only Lee Jung Shin but there are also Mina, Lim Nayoung, Kwon Hyun Bin and Lee Jung Sic.

Re-Code is their new album and their first comeback without Lee Jong Hyun. Jong Hyun has been forced to leave the band as the result of his involvement in the Burning Sun scandal. However, though they came back without their talented guitarist, CNBLUE is still among top musicians in K-Pop industry. Recently, CNBLUE’s official YouTube channel shared a teaser for their upcoming single “Zoom”. It means that CNBLUE is not going anywhere, they will keep releasing new projects. Projects that BOICEs around the world are looking forward to. Before that, you could add the must watch dramas starring CNBLUE members in 2021 mentioned above to your watching list first.

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