Park Bo Young Has Instagram and An Upcoming New Drama

Park Bo Young Has Instagram and An Upcoming New Drama
Source: TvN

Chogiwa – Just a couple of days ago, on April 26, Park Bo Young has Instagram account @boyoung0212_official. She launched her very first Instagram post by uploading two pictures of her with caption “Halo Instagram!”.

Park Bo Young Has Instagram Account


Instagram is one of the media platforms widely used by K-Pop artists. Park Bo Young is among Korean actresses whose private life is kept really well. Her Instagram account is a good thing so fans could follow the daily activity of the actress.

Though after two days, Park Bo Young launched her Instagram account, the account hasn’t verified yet. However, her agency, BH Entertainment has confirmed that it is the real Instagram account of Park Bo Young. In the bio, Park Bo Young wrote that her Instagram account is run not only by her but also BH Entertainment.

Park Bo Young Upcoming Drama with Seo In Guk

This May 10, Park Bo Young upcoming drama with Seo in Guk will air on TvN entitled “Doom at Your Service”. This drama is going to be Park Bo Young’s first drama after “Abyss” in 2019 and “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” in 2017. While for Seo In Guk, this drama is his lead role after “Hundred Million Stars from the Sky” in 2018.

This drama is Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk first encounter as lead actor and actress. However, they are not complete strangers. Seo In Guk once appeared in Park Bo Young’s drama “Abyss” as a cameo. He took role of an alien in the first episode of the drama. In 2015, Seo In Guk also appeared as a cameo, Chef Edrward Seo in Park Bo Young’s last episode of the drama “Oh My Ghost”.

Park Bo Young Has Instagram and An Upcoming New Drama
Source: TvN

Synopsis of “Doom at Your Service”

“Doom of Your Service” is going to be a romance drama with fantasy genre. A story about an ordinary young woman named Tak Dong Kyeong who makes 100 days contract with Myul Mang, a messenger of Gods and humans.

Park Bo Young as Tak Dong Kyeong

Dong Kyeong is an ordinary web novel editor. Due to some circumstances, she met Myul Mang (Seo In Guk) and makes 100 days contract with him. Because of that, she should risk not only her life but also the fate of her love.

Seo In Guk as Myul Mang/Kim Sa Ram

In this drama, Seo In Guk took role as Myul Mang who is a messenger of Gods and Humans. He is the God’s creature who is only following fate and do his job without passion. However, his encounter with Dong Kyeong may bring an unexpected twist to his role as well.

This drama is also starring some famous actresses, actors, and idols such as Lee So Hyuk and Kang Tae Oh. There is also Jung Ji So from “Parasite” who is currently working in the drama “Imitation“. Then, there are SF9’s Dawon as Dong Kyeong’s younger brother, and Hello Venus’ Song Joo Hee. Actress Han Ye Ri is reported to have a special appearance in this drama as well.