What Did You Expect After Hospital Playlist 2 Ended?

What Did You Expect After Hospital Playlist 2 Ended?
Source: Asianwiki.com

Chogiwa – When Hospital Playlist 1 ended last year, people expected that Hospital Playlist 2 would soon be released. It was obvious that there would be a second season when the first season was ended with a major cliffhanger. Song Hwa didn’t respond directly to Ik Joon’s indirect confession and finally, Jeong Won kissed Gyeo Wool. So, how about Hospital Playlist 3? What did you expect after Hospital Playlist 2 ended? Fans will expect there would be Hospital Playlist season 3. However, the cliffhangers this time are not as major as the previous season.

What Did You Expect After Hospital Playlist 2 Ended?
Source: Asianwiki.com

What Did You Expect After Hospital Playlist 2 Ended?

If indeed there was Hospital Playlist 3, below are probably the list of expectations to happen in season 3:

#1 We Finally Could See Song Hwa and Ik Joon in A Proper Date

They have been best friends for a long time. It is not easy for people around them to finally believe that they are actually dating. The same thing applies to viewers too. The first expectation of season 3 is more dating scenes of the lovebirds.

#2 Chu Min Ah Meets Seok Hyeong’s Mother

Seok Hyeong’s fake plan to America is actually his way to trick his mother to agree to whatever his wish is. However, the first encounter of Chu Min Ah and Seok Hyeong’s mother wasn’t good. Fans must be super excited to see the reaction of Seok Hyeong’s mother when finding out that his precious son is actually dating the girl she opposed without reason.

Not only that, it is also nice to know how Chu Min Ah with her cheerful and good personality finally could melt the ice in the heart of Seok Hyeong’s mother. But surely it is too much to ask.

#3 Jeong Won Proposes to Gyeo Wool

Honestly, their scenes in Hospital Playlist 2 give examples of how a healthy relationship should be. One of the reasons why there is Hospital Playlist 2 is because of them. It is just so sweet to see the scene when finally, Jeong Won gets down on his knee and asks Gyeo Wool to marry him.

#4 Jun Wan and Ik Soon’s Relationship Was Revealed

Jun Wan and Ik Soon’s relationship may continue in season 3. However, it wasn’t that expected. The expectation is regarding the reaction of the other three toward their relationship. Especially Jeong Won, who has been living with Jun Wan all this time, must be super surprised to find out the ‘pigeon’ is actually Ik Joon’s sister.

#5 The Reaction of the Doctor Lines when Found Out Gyeo Wool Is Actually Dating Jeong Won

Finding out the reaction of Yulje’s employees must be interesting but the reaction from the Doctor lines must be superb. Gyeo Wool is well-respected by all the senior doctors and interns because of her cool and unique personality. However, they still consider Gyeo Wool as a doctor they can ask around because she is the only general surgery resident.

While the junior doctor and interns would never think a person like Gyeo Wool will be able to capture the heart of the most-wanted bachelor in Yulje. Now, can you imagine their reaction when they found out that Gyeo Wool is actually dating the son of Yulje’s owner? This is going to be my highest expectation if indeed there was Hospital Playlist Season 3.

Actually, there are more expectations especially the reaction of all Yulje’s employees when they found out that Chu Min Ah and Seok Hyong are dating. It is also interesting to see their reaction to the fact that Song Hwa and Ik Joon are actually more than just best friends right now.

So, if indeed there was Hospital Playlist 3, what do you expect to happen? Let’s have fun together by writing down your expectation in the comment. It is actually the best healing we could get after season 2 was ended.