Unforgettable Psychopath Characters Played by K-Pop Idols

Unforgettable Psychopath Characters Played by K-Pop Idols
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Chogiwa – Korean dramas offer various genres of stories for viewers to choose. Thriller is one of the genres that offer not only thrilling story plots but also unforgettable villain characters. Being a K-Pop idol is not easy, especially when they decided to enter the acting field. The choice of role and character are significant for their future career. Taking the role of villain with a psychopathic character might be challenging but also super risky for their image. However, below are the list of jaw-dropping and unforgettable psychopath characters played by K-Pop idols who are not only slaying their roles but also successfully haunting you to your dream.

#1 MBLAQ’s Lee Joon in Gabdong, the Memories of Murder (2014)

Unforgettable Psychopath Characters Played by K-Pop Idols
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Speaking of a Korean drama with psychopath serial killers is not complete without Ryoo Tae Oh. Some said the drama is lacking in some parts but all agree that Lee Joon’s character as Ryoo Tae Oh is actually the best thing about this drama. Every time the camera caught his creepy smiles behind the innocent eyes, he portrayed the psychopath character perfectly. Character Ryoo Tae Oh is described as a genius who happens to have the disposition to be a psychopath. He also considers that Gap-dong is his hero which turns him into a Gap-dong himself.

Before this drama, Lee Joon is well-known for his comical expression from various variety shows. However, as Ryoo Tae Oh, he turned into someone entirely different from his normal character. It proved him as a great actor. Aside from that, people still love him. Watch more of him in Father Is Strange and Vampire Detective. He will also appear in some upcoming hit dramas such as Netflix’s The Silent Sea, Bulgasal: Immortal Soul and Red Single Heart with Kang Han Na in 2022.

#2 EXO’s D.O. in Hello Monster (2015)

Unforgettable Psychopath Characters Played by K-Pop Idols
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Hello Monster is a thriller drama starring first-class actors and actresses such as Seo In Guk, Jang Nara, and Park Bo Gum. EXO’s D.O. is not even the main character in this drama. He only played the younger version of Lee Joon Ho who is later played by senior actor Choi Won-Young. However, he was able to steal all the attention by perfectly portraying a psychopathic patient with two episodes only.

As an idol, it is not easy for D.O. to slay the role but he did it. It is proven that after Hello Monster, he landed nothing but the main role in all his drama and movies such as Unforgettable and Annoying Brother in 2016 and drama 100 Days My Prince in 2018. His upcoming projects are movies The Moon and Secret.

#3 UKISS’ Jun in Class of Lies (2019)

Unforgettable Psychopath Characters Played by K-Pop Idols
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If you think being a psychopath is only applicable for a serial killer. Well, then you thought it wrong. UKISS’ Jun or actor Lee Jun Young as Yoo Beom Jin is a perfect example of how a psychopath could stand as a top, highly respected, and likable student. However, deep down his character is described as a cold person who only cares about himself. Speaking of the most convincing and manipulative character with psychopath tendencies, Yoo Beom Jin is totally the winner in this field. The scariest part is he is only a high school student but super cunning with zero consciences in his vein.

Aside from Class of Lies, not a lot of people know that Jun is actually an idol. He is part of UKISS and UNB. Recently, he landed more roles as an idol in dramas such as Imitation and Let Me be Your Knight. A lot of people finally realize now that the cunning and manipulative student they have known from Class of Lies is actually a talented idol who is not only able to sing and rap but also an excellent dancer.

#4 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon in Vincenzo (2021)

Unforgettable Psychopath Characters Played by K-Pop Idols
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Vincenzo is a complete package for a Korean drama. In one drama you could get all genres you like from a Korean drama. There is romance, action, comedy up to the thriller part when finally the naïve intern Jung Jun Woo is actually the real brain behind a corrupt Babel Group named Jang Han Seok. His character is described as a psychopathic killer who likes to collect the watches of his victims. Ok Taechyeon debuted with 2PM in 2008. As an idol, Ok Taechyeon has landed so many roles in his previous dramas. However, it is probably the darkest character he ever played but still people love him. So, don’t miss his latest drama Secret Royal Inspector & Joy.

#5 Lee Seung Gi in Mouse (2021)

Unforgettable Psychopath Characters Played by K-Pop Idols
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Last but not least is Lee Seung Gi in Mouse. Speaking of unforgettable psychopath characters by K-Pop idols, Jung Ba Reum is surely at the top. However, is Lee Seung Gi an idol? Not a lot of people know that this multi-awarded actor started his career by debuting as an idol. He was scouted by singer Lee Sun Hee and debuted as a singer in 2004. So, yes, he is included in this list.

Jung Ba Reum character is absolutely creepy. He is well-known as a very kind police officer by people around him when deep down he is actually a psychopath killer who kills people just for fun. Lee Seung Gi is the best choice for this character. He once again, proved himself as a great actor because he always able to slay all the characters he played.

Those are the top five unforgettable psychopath characters played by K-Pop idols. They took the challenge by taking risky characters for their image which not all professional actors dare to take.  However, despite all the creepy and hair-raising images they have shown with their characters, people still adore them. It is proving that they are simply great actors. Is one of them your bias? Write your answer in the comment!