“Big Mouth” Is A Must-Watched Drama

Chogiwa – The recent episode of “Big Mouth” just crossed the 10% rating. That number is not going to stop there. These are th 5 reasons why “Big Mouth” is a must-watched drama.

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Reasons Why “Big Mouth” Is A Must-Watched Drama

What makes “Big Mouth” the hottest drama this year is probably due to some reasons below:

#1 “Big Mouth” Is Lee Jong Suk’s First Drama after His Release from the Military

Lee Jong Suk’s project is one of the thing that fans love to watch. “Big Mouth” is his first drama after his release from the military. His last drama is in 2019, “Romance Is a Bonus Book”. So, it is his drama after almost three years.
Furthermore, Lee Jong Suk is always well-known for his ultimate acting talent. Not only that, character Park Chang Ho put Lee Jong Suk’s acting to the next level. He successfully portray a clumsy lawyer and at the same time pretending to be a cold-blooded Big Mouse.

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#2 Yoona’s First Role as A Married Woman

One of the reason why “Big Mouth” is a must-watched drama this yea is also because of the line cast of the actors and actress. Yoona SNSD has been drawing a lot of attention for her acting in her previous drama. However, this is her first drama with a role as a married woman. She landed a role as Park Chang Ho’s wife, Go Mi Ho. Though she always nags her husband to be incompetence but she never hesitates to help her husband when he needs her.

#3 Intense Suspenseful Story

Let’s give a big applause to the writer-nim who has successfully leading an intense suspenseful story. The thrilling story line about ‘catching’ the Big Mouse has drawn attention of the viewers.

#4 Excellent Acting of the Actors

An good story line is nothing if not supported by excellent acting of the actors. Each of the cast members did an amazing job in potraying their characters. So far, they could bring out the suspense and intense of the story to the next level.

#5 Who Is the Big Mouse?

Now, there is one big question. Who is the Big Mouse? Since the very beginning of the drama, viewers has been asking that question. They have been speculating who is the culprit, even in some point viewers may speculate that Park Chang Ho himself is the Big Mouse.

So, what do you think? “Big Mouth” is a must-watched drama but still viewers opinion is prominent. One more thing, rating would never lie. So, don’t miss any episode of Park Chang Ho and his wife in revealing the true identify of Big Mouse.