Lee Seung Gi Is Back with Rom-Com Drama in “Law Cafe”

Chogiwa – After a thriller drama “Mouse” Lee Seung Gi is back with rom-com drama in “Law Cafe” with actress Lee Se Young.

Lee Seung Gi Is Back with Rom-Com Drama
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Lee Seung Gi Is Back with Rom-com Drama

“Law Cafe” is like a comeback drama for Lee Seung Gi in rom-com genre after “My Girlfriend Is Gumiho” back in 2010. Since then Lee Seung Gi has been taking various genres for his drama projects.
“Mouse” is Lee Seung Gi’s latest drama in thriller genre. Before that, he has a reunion drama with Bae Suzy in “Vagabond” after “Gu Family Book” in 2013.

“Law Cafe” Is A Reunion Drama with Lee Se Young

In 2017 Lee Seung Gi starred in drama “A Korean Odyssey” as Son O Gong. It is a character based on a legend character Sun Wukong, an extremely powerful immortal. Due to his mischieveful character, his powers were sealed and himself was exiled to the mortal world.

During his adventure in mortal world, he met a Zombie named Bu Ja (Lee Se Young) who was later staying inside the refrigerator in Son O Gong’s house.

“Law Cafe” is their reunion drama with rom-com genre which looks promising from the very beginning.

In “Law Cafe” Lee Seung Gi as a former prosecutor, Kim Jeong Ho. He left his prestigious job to be a novelist. While, Lee Se Young took role of an ecentric lawyer, Kim Yu Ri, who resigned from her job to open a law cafe. A cafe where she could sell coffee and give legal advice to her clients.

Kim Jeong Ho and Kim Yu Ri have been friends since high school with romance history between them during college day. However, due to some circumstances, things didn’t work between them and they went separate way.

Jeong Ho has been doing everything to avoid Yu Ri. However, one day, they met again as the building owner and the tenant. That’s how their story started.

So, don’t miss this amazing drama. It has been sometimes to see Lee Seung Gi is back with rom-com drama.