Park Eun Bin Is Aimed by “Start-Up” Director

Park Eun Bin Is Aimed by “Start-Up” Director
Image Source: Asianwiki.com

Chogiwa – After the success of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, fans expect Park Eun Bin to start choosing a new drama project. Recently, it is reported that Park Eun Bin is aimed by “Start-Up” director, Oh Choong Hwan. It is going to be a romantic comedy-drama entitled “Diva of the Deserted Island”

Park Eun Bin is Aimed by “Start-Up” Director in “Diva of the Deserted Island”

Oh Choong Hwan and Park Hye Ryun are going to be the director and writer of “Diva of the Deserted Island”. Both director and writer have worked together before in Bae Suzy’s dramas, “While You Were Sleeping” and “Start-Up”. From those line-ups, surely fans are having high expectations especially when Park Eun Bin’s agency shared an official statement in a response to this report “This is one of the projects that Park Eun Bin is reviewing”.

The Synopsis of “Diva of the Deserter Island”

In “Diva of the Deserted Island” Park Eun Bin will take the role of a girl named Mok Ha. She is a girl who once dreamed of being a singer. However, due to an accident, she was deserted on an island and then found 15 years later. The story will revolve around how Mok Ha adapted to the new environment she lives in.

Park Eun Bin Is Aimed by “Start-Up” Director
Image Source: SBS Drama

It is common knowledge that Park Eun Bin is one of the brightest South Korean artists in 2022. So it is not a surprise when Park Eun Bin is aimed by the “Start-Up” director to start his new project. Her amazing acting in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is actually one of the reasons behind her success. However, not only in South Korea but through “The King’s Affection” the drama she starred with Rowoon also became the first South Korean drama that received an international award from Emmy Awards 2022.

Park Eun Bin is a South Korean actress born in 1992. She is not only talented in acting but also in music. Eun Bin is a professional pianist and she also landed a role in “Do You Like Brahms” due to her musical talent. So, who is excited to see Eun Bin as a diva in her new drama?