Do You Like Brahms? A Drama to Please Your Eyes and Ears

do you like brahms

ChogiwaDo You Like Brahms? is one of the highly anticipated Korean Dramas this year. With musical theme, it is not the only one because before we have Go Ara’s drama with similar theme entitled Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol but it is one of the dramas that will be in your top of watching list no matter what.

Since the first episode of Do You Like Brahms? has hit a solid rating between 4,2% up to 5,3% only for national rating. The strongest aspect of this drama is of course the story plot which is about two musical students who are chasing their dreams.

First is Park Joon-young (Kim Min-jae) who has a dream to be a professional pianist and Chae Song-ah (Park Eun-bin) a violist who also want to chase her happiness through music.

So, what is so special about this drama?

Well, Do You Like Brahms? is not just any drama because since it was aired in August 31st, this drama is not only pleasing yours eyes with their amazing line up of casts but also successfully pleasing your ears with their amazing OST.

There are some names have been confirmed such as SNSD’s Taeyeon, EXO’s Chen, Heize, Punch, G.O.D , 10 cm and many more to be part of this project and even some of the first three parts OSTs have been released:


The first part of OST that has been released in September 1st is Punch’s Close to Me. Punch has been well known for her amazing works of original soundtrack for drama. Her duet with EXO’s Chanyeol Stay With Me for Goblin is still the number one most streamed Soundtrack until today, followed by her next soundtrack project with EXO’s Chen Everytime for drama Decedents of the Sun.

Close to Me is just a perfect introduction of Do You Like Brahms? The voice of Punch in the beginning of the song is enough to break your heart but please your ears at the same time.

Confession from G.O.D is the second part of OST which has been released in September 7th, 2020. The song is about confession which is really touching giving goosebumps for anyone who listen to it. Dominating by the sound of piano and amazing lyric by Ji Hoon and Jay Kim which is both beautiful and unique with slow rapping confession in the middle of the song.

The third part of the OST is probably one of the most highly anticipated songs from Do You Like Brahms? it is Your Moonlight from EXO’s Chen.

Chen has been well known for his previous soundtrack projects such as Best Luck for drama It’s Okay, It’s Love, Everytime for Decedents of the Sun when he duet with Punch, For You for drama Scaret Heart Ryeo when Chen sang with his fellow members EXO CBX (Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin), Make it Count for drama Touch Your Heart and many more.

This time, for Do You Like Brahms? Chen is working with Lee Seung-jo; a music produced who once also has worked with him in several project such as OST for It’s Okay, It’s Love, Decedents of the Sun and Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

Your Moonlight is a complete package for a song, the lyric is really touching which has been perfectly fit with Chen’s voice. Moreover, a song which is dominated with piano performance is actually recorded with complete orchestra with 30 members.

The first three part of the OST has been successfully pleasing your ears. We still have more lineups of talented singers for the OST. So, keep yourself update and put Do You Like Brahms?  to your watching list.