EXO OST 2020 and Upcoming Projects

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Chogiwa – EXO is king of OST. There are a lot of original soundtracks of drama or movie that once became hit sang by EXO members.

To refresh your memory, there are Baekhyun’s Beautiful for OST EXO Next Door, D.O’s Crying Out for OST Cart, Chen’s Best Luck for OST It’s Okay, It’s Love, D.O’s Don’t Worry OST My Annoying Brother featuring senior actor and singer Jo Jung-suk, Xiumin’s Your Are The One for Web Drama OST Fall in Challenge, Suho’s Sedansogu for OST How Are You Bread?, Chen’s Make it Count for OST Touch Your Heart, Chanyeol ft Punch’s Stay with Me for OST Goblin, Chen’s Everytime for OST Descendent of the Sun, EXO CBX’s For You for OST Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

This year itself, in 2020, there are five new original soundtracks sang by Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Chen.

exo ost 2020
Image Source : kgasa.com
  • Baekhyun – I’m Loving You/My Love (OST Romantic Dr. Kim Season 2)

In the early 2020, fans were surprised by Baekhyun’s project singing original soundtrack for Romantic Dr. Kim Season 2 along with Chanyeol.

  • Chanyeol ft. Punch – Go Away Go Away (OST Romantic Dr. Kim Season 2)

Go Away, Go Away is Chanyeol and Punch’s second project for drama soundtrack after Stay with Me for OST Goblin in 2016.

  • Baekhyun – On the Road (OST Hyena)

A month after I’m Loving You/My Love, Baekhyun came back with another new original soundtrack for drama Hyena entitled On the Road.

  • Chen – Your Moonlight (OST Do You Like Brahms?)

The lineup of singers who participating in Do You Like Brahms? is not a joke. Aside from Chen, there are some famous name such as SNSD’s Taeyeon, Heize, Punch, G.O.D, 10 cm and many more.

  • Baekhyun – Every Second (OST Record of Youth)

Once again Baekhyun is performing ballad for soundtrack of Record of Youth. The combination of music, lyric and Baekhyun’s vocal are a perfect representation of the story of the drama itself.

Though EXO is currently in hiatus we still could enjoy the effort of each member in pleasing their fans. Those five soundtracks are not the only thing we will get because Xiumin is coming back from military this December, followed by D.O in January 2021. We will sure that both Xiumin and D.O will directly jump to the stage again right after their release from military. Though they will not perform in unit with EXO but at least we could expect some new drama or movie project from both Xiumin and D.O or even solo album from each of them, since among EXO members, they haven’t had a chance to have a solo album before.

In this year, Chanyeol and Sehun have been confirmed to be part of movie project. Chanyeol will play in The Box, a movie about a musician trying to reach his dream. This movie is going to be Chanyeol’s Korean debut movie. And in this movie, Chanyeol is not only taking part as a leading actor but also involving in producing the music for the movie. So, it is obvious that we could expect him to sing the soundtrack as well.

Aside from Chanyeol, Sehun is also currently in the shooting process of a movie sequel, The Pirates: The Goblin Flag. In several movie or drama where there is a member EXO, usually one of the member will sing the original soundtrack such as in It’s Okay, It’s Love, D.O’s drama debut, Chen sang the OST for that movie, drama Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Baekhyun’s drama, EXO CBX sang For You for the soundtrack, in D.O’s drama 100 Days My Prince, Chen also sang the soundtrack. So, we could expect, at least one of them may fill the soundtrack line for Sehun’s movie also.

Let’s cross our finger for more upcoming projects from EXO because We Are One, EXO Saranghaja.